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I write contemporary romance with a sprinkling of humor, and I like to think of Jesus sitting beside me, laughing, saying, “Good one, Krista” as I write. And many times, if not most of the time, he’s the one whispering the really good lines to me.

I was having an especially “down” moment on Saturday, so picked up hubby’s bible that laid on his dresser and flipped to the spot where he had a marker. It was the book of Numbers. Now, if any of you have read the book of Numbers, you’ll know that this isn’t the most, uh, humerus book in the Bible, although if you’re a number’s geeks like me it could be.

Anyway, I started to read the chapter but wasn’t really getting a lot out of it, so I moved to flip the pages. But something caught my attention at the top of the page. The section description.

“Division of the booty”

Okay, dumb I know, but I laughed. Hard. It was just what I needed. I couldn’t stop my wayward mind from thinking of a woman with a big ole booty going to a surgeon and asking for some of the “plump” in her derriere to be removed… thus… division of the booty. Right there in the Bible.

I tried to flip more in the Bible to get something SERIOUS out of it, but God just shook his head at me and said, Nope, I just knew you needed a good laugh.

Then I got to thinking about my writing. That’s what I want to do. When Christians are overwhelmed with some of the realities of this life, sometimes the prescription isn’t a mouthful of Christian platitudes that roll easily off the tongue, but is really some good ole solid laughter. I pray that God uses my work not only to prod people along in their faith (which I want Him to do too!) but to make people eek out a smile or even cough up a belly laugh when they need it most.

Discussion: I was tempted to ask you to tell me a joke, but decided to go another route. I’d love to know of a funny book you’ve read. I don’t care what kind… it can be a book of jokes or a dramatic suspense that was so cheesy you laughed like crazy. Towards the end of the day, I’ll come back and share some of my favorite laugh-out-loud books.



  1. That's hilarious! What version of the Bible was that, btw? I read through the Bible each year, but confess to doing a bit of skimming when Leviticus and Numbers come around. Looks like I missed some fun…at least in that version!

    I can't think of any lol books lately, but last night I was watching The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe with my teens and niece and nephew and we could not stop laughing at some cheesiness. 🙂 (Love the books, don't get me wrong.) Oh…that reminds me. Puddleglum in the Narnia books always made me laugh out loud! What a funny character. Doom and gloom…with a smile. 🙂

  2. Great post, Krista! A few days ago I read something really funny in the Bible…wish I could recall where it was! I sometimes find some of the things folks do in the Bible funny…so stubborn sometimes.

    And yes, I think God has a great sense of humor.

    Funny books? I love Shopaholic. It's not a Christian book, but it's set-the-book-down, laugh-out-loud funny. It's like eating bon bons. 🙂 (By the way, the book was a million times better than the movie).

  3. Hi Krista,
    I'm late in getting around to blogs today! Whew, one of those days!! I do love it when books make me laugh! So hurry up and get published! 🙂 Seriously, I just know I'm going to enjoy reading your books someday! I haven't read any funny books lately, but have gotten some great laughs from your blog! So thanks!

  4. Oh my. There is a serious lack of funny books being read by you people!

    A few suggestions:

    Tamara Leigh. ANY book of hers. I seriously die laughing each time I read them. Faking Grace is her most recent, but they are all good.

    Michael Snyder. "My Name is Russell Fink" and "Return Policy." My husband's FIRST christian fiction reading experience was Michael's Russell Fink book, and he LOVED it. Mike's a truely funny guy (and since I live in his old house… I'm hoping the humor is catching!)

    There are many many others, and I may now have to do a blog post dedicated to this wonderfully, gifted, funny writers, but these two should wet your pallets for now.

    Just remember: make sure you have a tissue handy to wipe your tears from laughing. And go to the bathroom before start. *grin*

  5. Jody, you make me feel so good! LOL Believe me, I'd love for my books to be in print for you to read too! Someday… when God wishes, hmm?

    Meanwhile, if you ever want a sneek peek… I've been known to allow my arm to be twisted once or twice. LOL

  6. A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck–a YA book, but I made family members read it. Great for any age and hilarious, heart-warming characters. And even though I'm not a huge nonfiction fan, I ADORE A Girl Named Zippy by Haven Kimmel. Totally laughed out loud, which I rarely do with books. Kristin Billerbeck's series that begins with What a Girl Wants is also fab and funny.

  7. Ohhh, some great additions Jenny!!! I'm thinking there are some Jenny B Jones books that belong on that list too *grin*

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