My children are at their grandparents this week. Since my hubby works evenings, this means I have my house to myself! WOOHOO!!

Ok, on second thought, it just dawned on me that broadcasting my *home alone* status probably isn’t the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had. For all you creepy stalker mean people that read this, well, I have a drawer full of knives and I know how to use them. Oh, and I also bite and kick REALLY hard. And I do a mean eagle karate kick thing (ya know the one they did on the karate kid movies?? I think???) Oh, and more than that, my house is WELL prayed over, so to get to me, ya gotta get through God first.

Good luck with that!

Anyway, back to my story:

My kids are gone. I had this great plan to get TONS of writing done on my one week that I don’t have screaming children, potty training, fights to break up, Barney to watch, songs to sing, boogers to wipe, diapers to change, messes to clean up, kids to spank (or put in the corner, depending on the offense…)…

It is Wednesday, day 3 of my “mommy vacation”, and I still have accomplished nothing.

I am beYOND irritated at myself. Keep in mind though I still work full time, so I am only talking about the couple hours between work and bed. And work has been crazy lately.

So last night, it was late, and I decided I needed inspiration. In my mind, there is no better inspiration that… yes, you guessed it… watching You’ve Got Mail. Huh? What do you mean?? You didn’t guess that???

My current WIP involves an Internet Romance… Ok, yeah, making a little more sense now, that’s what I thought!

So, I settled down with my bowl of popcorn (that I didn’t have to share!) and my Pepsi (we won’t mention my diet here…).

I woke up 3 hours later when my husband came home from work. I had only watched, oh, the first 10 minutes or so.

So much for inspiration!

So, it is already 7:00 tonight. I have been home for 2 hours, ate dinner, surfed the net, and am now wasting my time typing this.

Inspiration, wherefore art thou, inspiration?

I might just pop in You’ve Got Mail again. I’ve pretty much got the thing memorized.

Help! What do YOU do for inspiration?? I need ideas! (note, I have TONS of story ideas. And currently I am needing to get inspired to EDIT… I could probably be much more inspired to write if I could get my editing done first!!)


  1. First of all, I hafta tell ya, chicky, I’m EXTREMELY envious! Yes, I know it’s one of the 10 Commandmants, but I’m coveting your “mommy vacation”!!!!

    I don’t know about inspiration, but something I’ve started to do at bedtime when you’re laying there so dog tired but your mind is going a mile a minute. Well, I’ve started to use the “notes” tool in my cell phone to get all of those ideas into a contraption and save it so that the next day when I’m ready to start writing again I’ll have all of those ideas to springboard from and they won’t have slipped off into oblivion.

    But as for inspiration . . . don’t know. Sometimes I think it comes on slow and other times I think it just, BAM, hits you like lightning. I hope lightning strikes tonight!

    Many blessings,
    Your very envious friend who is about to spend the next hour putting two rowdy girls to bed, Jen

  2. Krista, this sounds wonderful! Although I always find when I have the house to myself, I miss everyone, and then when everyone’s here I want to be alone. Go figure.

    Don’t be so hard on yourself — blogging is writing too 🙂 It’s usually easier to do a little bite than start in on the neverending project.

    Wish I had some wise words for you about tackling a project. But your website is great!

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