I could complain about a lot of things today…

…like the fact that I’m going to the dentist and am NOT looking forward to it…

…or about how we got a fantastic letter in the mail last week about Annabelle’s health insurance ending (we’ll figure it out somehow… it’s just the pain and agony of going through the figuring out that I’d complain about)

…or that our already decrepit van decided to start blowing WARM air instead of cold air yesterday (or the fact that except for the one that’s almost 5 grand over our limit, we haven’t found a van that would suit us yet to replace it!)

…or the fact that I stayed up until almost midnight last night making some “Peruvian” cookies for my daughter for Spanish class because she came me yesterday letting me know that instead of FRIDAY they had to be supplied on THURSDAY even though my Wednesday night was already filled up with 2 dental appointments for kiddos AND a softball game out of town… (or the fact that I’m pretty sure they turned out NOT very good…)

Nope. Not going to complain about those things.


… we finally have health/dental insurance so I can actually GO to the dentist again

… and my sweet Annabelle has had all of her medical bills paid for thus far by insurance/Medicare… totally well into the multi-millions off dollars (her first year of life was around $3M alone) Without this financial help she would not be alive today. SO VERY THANKFUL!!!!

… and our van is presently still running enough to take my sweetie to the doctor and get my kids around town, even if it doesn’t run “well” (and we have a little $$ set aside to replace it, even if it isn’t exactly the amount I WISH I had, a lot of people in our situation have NO money to help)

… I have a sweet 12-year-old daughter who cares about her grades enough to want to make (with a LOT of Mommy’s help) cookies to get extra credit even though she probably already has a 100 in the class. (and that I doubt she gets a grade on the QUALITY of the cookie… hope not anyway!)

There’s always a flip side. I’ve gotten into a SUPER bad habit lately of dwelling on the “down” side and am trying my best to remember the upside, to focus on the GOOD and give God the bad, to count my blessings every day, because even on the stinky days, there are many. 

Let’s Chat: What are some turned-upside-down blessings you have today?



  1. My husband rerouted some drainage paths in our back yard, and now our basement leaks EVERY time it rains, not just when it rains heavy. But….I have a husband who tries hard, and a house with a basement, when a lot of folks don't know where they are going to lay down at night. I should not complain.

  2. so… I'm REALLY not complaining about the dentist now!!! Sweet Annabelle woke up with a high fever so dentist = no-go and pediatritian = yes-go.

    I would have preferred the dentist for me than a poor sweet Annabelle any day of the week!!

    Yup, no more complaining about the dentist for me!

  3. There's always a a flip side..yes–so easy to forget!

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