This is the second time me writing this post… as plans have changed since I first typed it.

First, an update on my Dad. He isn’t doing well, but even as I type that, I know that regardless of his condition, God is in control, so it really doesn’t matter, does it? NO matter how bad it gets, God’s power doesn’t change. He’s always almighty. Nothings every too hard for him. I’d never really thought about that before, but it’s comforting.

Anyway, right now they are planning to perform a bypass surgery, which for most people is ALMOST routine by now since they have to do it so much. But it’s very risky for my Dad, due to some other complications he has (I won’t go into all the details) and regardless, he’ll be at high risk for the rest of his life and have to be on a ton of medications (he’s only 54…)

My heart is very full right now, of emotion, of fear, of worry, and most of all, of love for my wonderful Daddy. The thought of him not being here… oh my I really can’t even think about that now. At all.

I wanna do two things today.

First, another top ten, in honor of my daddy. So, here goes:

Top Ten Things I LOVE about my Dad

  1. I love that I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my Daddy loves me. No matter what, during our good times and our rough ones, I never thought otherwise.
  2. My dad is funny. OH MY GOODNESS is he funny. We spent the afternoon laughing today after he got out of the procedure they did this morning. It was a great time for my sisters, brother, mom and dad (except maybe dad… he kept telling us to be quit because laughing hurt)
  3. My daddy takes care of me. When I’m sad, he gives me the biggest hugs. When I need help, he’s the first to volunteer.
  4. My daddy loves to dream. I asked him one time when I was little, why mom and him always had these big dreams that I never could see a way of them happening, and he just looked at me and said, “Krista, Never EVER stop dreaming. If you don’t dream it, it will NEVER happen.” That totally rocked my world, I gotta say.
  5. My daddy is a gentleman. Even though I make a case that I’m (flexes muscles) strong… he always yells at me for carrying something heavy and goes out of his way to do the things a “man” should do for a lady.
  6. He loves my Mom. No matter how much he teases her, I know that he’s madly in love with her. He teases about not buying her anything expensive for Christmas (he is a BIT of a tight-wad) but then goes down Mom’s Christmas list and tries to hit every single thing! It’s SO cute!
  7. He works hard. My daddy taught me the value of hard work, and practiced what he taught daily.
  8. He’s a GREAT grandpa. We went to the hospital the other day and Gab’s sat on his lap and just gabbed and gabbed and gabbed about everything under the sun, and Daddy just smiled and nodded and laughed with her. It was so sweet. He loves his grandkids, even though he can only handle them in spurts (heck, I can only handle them in spurts!)
  9. He’s honest. I’ve never EVER doubted my Daddy’s integrity. It was such a GREAT example for me.
  10. Most importantly: My Daddy loves Jesus. He’s taken me to church all my life, I’ve watched him read his Bible, pray, and speak into my life at times when he probably didn’t realize the impact of it.

Second thing

I was driving home from the hospital today, and this song played right before I got home. Of course I cried, but it was so what I needed to hear at a time when I was scared, nervous, and fretting BIG time. Jesus is our everything. Our “I AM.” No matter what happens, God is. When all else seems hopeless, God is. Even if everything else fails, God is.

Discussion: What is God to you today? Fill in this sentence… as if Jesus is speaking to you, “I am __________” If you’re like me, that changes everyday.

Today, Jesus is saying to me, “I am your rock, your steady hand, your sane one in all the maddness.”

What is he to you?



  1. Krista, what a sweet list in honor of your daddy…saying a prayer for him this morning!

  2. I"m sorry to here your father isn't doing well. I will say some prayers for him.

    I'm kinda in the same boat with my grandmother right now. She is in the hospital and I know her time is coming. I have to remember that this is ok. Sigh…although selfishly I do not want to 🙂

    So Jesus is saying to me today "I am in charge, trust in me"

    I hope you get some good news soon.

  3. This is a wonderful post for your Daddy. I pray that he will come through unscathed so that you can enjoy many more years with him.

  4. Praying for your father, and for you.

  5. I'm keeping your father in my prayers–and what a wonderful way to show your love.

  6. Wow, Krista, I am so sorry that your dad is sick and I am praying for him! And for you and your family! I know how hard it is to have a loved one in the hospital.

    Hmm… Right now, Jesus is saying to me, "I am your rest". I am so thankful for that.

    By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog. Hope it makes you smile! Have a great day!

  7. Wow, Krista, what a beautiful post. Made me want to go hug my dad! Isn't it amazing how God can minister to us with a car radio and a song? Music ministers to me so much. You and your father are in my prayers!

  8. Please know that I am praying and sending you a cyber hug.

  9. Krista,

    What a beautiful post honoring your dad.

    Agreeing in prayer that he comes through the surgery with flying colors and has a fuller, longer life than even he can dream.

    Lifting you and your family up.

    Major cyber hugs,


  10. Hi Krista –

    Lovely tribute to your Dad. We'll pray for him.

    Jesus is my peace.

    Susan 🙂

  11. Krista, what a lovely tribute. You are gifted, truly gifted. And blessed.

    Praying for you and your family.


  12. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the prayers more than you'll know. They've scheduled the by-pass surgery for sure at 7:00 in the morning and hope it will be done by 10-11. Daddy is in wonderful spirits, although I know he is nervous

    Funny… we were moving around the little rolly couch in his hospital room and he really did get out of bed to try and help us… we all yelled at him of course… but it was just SO my dad!

    Oh, and he made us sneak him ice cream:-)

    *sigh* I gotta stop this comment otherwise I'll cry again!!

    Again THANKS so much for your prayers! They mean the world to us!

  13. Praying for your Dad, and you too!

  14. I'm praying for you guys!

  15. I hope your father is doing okay. It's a wonderful blessing to have a dad like you do. 🙂 I'll say a prayer for him and your family.

    "I am… your Peace and always with you, the One who will never let you down."

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