Throw back from last summer, rockin’ the pout

Funny story: 

My kids are amazing.

They were sitting around the living room the other day, brainstorming how mommy could sell her books. (my mini-marketing geniuses)

They ended up deciding that they should send Annabelle and Gabby out, my two youngest, (door to door I guess…) and have them look scraggly and dirty and tell people, “Please buy my mommy’s book so we can have food to eat” complete with pouty lip face and all. (see picture for example!)

They all practiced the sad face and everything, totally excited for the idea.

They were very crushed when Mommy told them this would probably not be a grand idea, because

a.) It’s not true– (my kids have plenty of food, I promise!!!!)


b.) The department of children’s services might be called by someone concerned that I wasn’t feeding my kids (or was using them for money.) I’m rather fond of my kids. I’d really hate for them to be carted off to foster homes….

But I gave them an A for effort in their brainstorming.

I think I’ll stick to the traditional annoying people on Facebook and Twitter and begging people to host me on their blogs/post reviews/etc.. (although their way might sell more books, LOL!!!!!)


What are some crazy ideas your kids come up with that make you just shake your head?

Another fun one…. my kiddos and their cousins made up a holiday. August 2nd is officially Flirburt day, the day to celebrate the color purple. You can see the fun on last year’s post…. 

So, if you think of it, Go PURPLE in celebration of, well, PURPLE, on Saturday.


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  1. A few years ago, Wade and I were trying to impress upon our then 5 and 3 year old fellas that they didn't need to go to the store for a toy every time we went to town, nor did they just automatically get something from McD's every time they spotted those Golden Arches. Why? Because we have a certain amount of money that we can spend on things, and sometimes we have to make decisions that might not be fun but are best for the family. We have to spend our money on necessities sometimes and not Matchbox cars and Happy Meals. Fast forward a day or two. We're standing in my in-laws' house and the oldest, with his big ol' blue eyes gazes up to my FIL and says, "Poppa, could you give us some money so we can get something to eat?" We quickly told them that the boys weren't going hungry and that we were trying to teach them the value of money in a way, but those sweet little faces got to Poppa, and he gave each of them $5 AND took them to McDonald's!

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