Last Monday we talked about what to do while we wait. Then on Friday we talked about the stages of coping with failure.

I don’t know about you, but I need something HAPPY to write about now!

So let’s talk about what to do when we get GOOD news! Because, as many downs and frustrations that are in the writing life, there are a ton of ups that encourage us too! To name a few:

  • Good critiques that make you feel you’re actually GETTING this writing thing!
  • An encouraging word at the exact moment you need it
  • Meeting virtual writing friends in person
  • Contest finals
  • Contest wins
  • Requests for partials/fulls from agents
  • Requests for partials/fulls from editors
  • Getting an agent
  • Getting a contract (and all the little steps in between!)
  • Feeling your book in your hand for the first time
  • A positive review
  • A letter from a writer, telling how you impacted their life

I know there are a ton more… but I gotta say. That last one would be culmination of them all, and would make ALL the failures thus far worth it!

So, what do you do to cope with… I mean, celebrate.. the wins? Here are a few Krista ideas (with hopefulness that I’ll actually get to use them someday!!)

  • Eat chocolate (hey, you can celebrate with it too!)
  • Go out to eat at a place you rarely go
  • Squeal really really loud until your neighbors are wondering what is going on
  • Post your good news on facebook/twitter/blog (plus, at least for me, it’s FUN to celebrate others wins with them! It lets me know there IS hope!)
  • Do a few backflips (or not…)
  • Eat some more chocolate (for me… with ooey gooey caramel in them!)
  • Pray (another thing you do during failure and victory)
  • Splurge on something writing related (new pencil.. pen… pad of paper… laptop… depends on which victory!)
  • Splurge on something non-writing related (new socks… new clothes… new car… HA HA HA! In our dreams on that last one!)
  • Spend three hours on the phone calling everyone you know and telling them the awesome news (just be forewarned, they probably won’t be quite as excited about it as you!)
  • Toast with a nice glass of sparkling grape juice… (non-alcoholic house here *grin*)
  • …Write another book… 🙂

Discussion: What are some things YOU do to celebrate your wins?



  1. Turn up the music and dance (often with my kids).

    ~ Wendy

  2. Katie… I'm a squeeler too!

    Wendy… oh my, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do that! That totally is on my list… although, my dancing days are limited until I have this baby *grin* Otherwise, my kids like to whoop it up and jump and dance with the best of 'em!

  3. I definitely need to celebrate whenever I can! In fact, once I finish my current WIP, I'm celebrating big time!! (told you I use every excuse I can to party!) In fact, this time, I'm involving my kids in the celebration. I couldn't do the writing if they didn't help make it happen, so I told them I'm buying them a gift as a thank you! And they're super excited!

  4. I go out to eat at a place I don't usually go and eat chocolate! It's fun to celebrate 🙂

  5. When I receive good news, I whoop and holler at the top of my lungs, sending the cats flying from the room in search of cover. On many occasions, I cry. My personal faucet has a loose valve, and I leak tears all the time, for good news and bad, happy or sad. And then I await my awesome hubby's celebratory tradition.

    Gwynly happy dances with me. Literally. Taking my small hands in his large ones, he jumps up and down with me a few times. Yeah, I know. That's not really a dance. But to me, it's a precious expression of his support because he's not a demonstrative guy. Bless him, but he stands flag pole straight beside me at church while I tap my feet, sway, or bob my head to the beat of the praise songs. His happy dance offering is special because he does it just for me. He's my biggest fan, and I'm ever so grateful.

  6. I think the celebration depends on the size of the victory. Around here, I've been known to whisper my thanks to God (along with a few tears), dance around the room, email the good news to a few understanding friends, and then take the rest of the day off. As in a good book or video along with either ordering in supper or going out to eat. Why ruin a happy day with dishes?

    All in all, savor the moment before getting back to work.

  7. Like Katie, I tend to SQUEEE. 🙂

    And like Wendy, a little boogie with the kidlets.

    Call my husband if he's at work.

    Go out to eat.

    And one of my favorites…buy books on Amazon! 🙂

  8. I'm a Squeeing, Boogying, Crying kind of gal. 🙂 All of the above. Of chocolate WITH peanut butter is pretty high on my list. Oh, and gummy worms/bears. 🙂 But that is for the small stuff. If I ever get to celebrate something huge, then…I don't know, but it will be spectacular, I'm sure!

  9. It was fun to read the different celebrations.

    Southerners do it with food.
    Chocolate. A toast or two.

    But first I fall on my knees and cry and laugh to My Best Friend, Jesus. Then I do some very special, private symbolic act between the two of us.


  10. Thank God, Snoopy dance, eat chocolate, and share the good news with my friends!

    Susan 🙂

  11. I need a win first!!lol I smile alot–call my best friend, and then tell myself it is true:))

  12. I've learned to just sit still and take it in for a while.

    Those first moments are the best.

  13. LOL I think you about covered things. Is jumping and screaming on that list? 'Cause I definitely do that. lol

  14. I celebrate "wins" in various ways, but the last time I won something I did a happy dance. 🙂

  15. OK, I don't mean to be the downer at the party but it feels lately every win for me produces another hurdle. Therefore I am implementing a think positive (that is biblical) approach to the month of April and if it doesn't kill me, I'll carry it over each month after that. Care to join me???

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