CHD Awareness Week Day 5…

How appropriate that my hubby’s birthday falls this week!!!

Sometimes I think daddy’s get a little left out in all the craziness. Us heart-mammas tend to go manic about our little babies and want to shout to the world our love for our little heart kiddos and make sure everyone is aware of this awful things no one gets blind sided….

But our heart daddies love our little babies SO much too, and while Annabelle’s daddy is quiet and doesn’t do a lot of shoutin’, he sure does a WHOLE lot of lovin’!

MAN I love that man!!!

One of the things they impressed upon Scott and I during Annabelle’s hospital stay is that having a heart transplant baby is HARD.

I mean, duh, right?


But, their point was that they see way too many marriages fall apart during or after the process. Which is totally understandable because the stress of having a heart kiddos is HUGE. It’s one of those “bring you together or tear you apart” type of times.

While it hasn’t been roses and picnics for us (by ANY stretch of the imagination), I’m happy to report that I have a stinkin’ awesome husband, and we’ve worked hard to be one of the “bring you together” couples!

I LOVE that he is a good daddy to our kids! On the few nights he is actually home, he can be seen in Annabelle’s room, strumming his guitar to help her go to sleep. She loves it!! And he’s always there doing other stuff with our other kiddos, He is MR crafty man while Mommy is Miss practical. Me and creative projects do not mix well! But daddy knocks it out of the park! And my hubby works so hard for his family and while sometimes I know it completely drains both of us…(he works to jobs to try and replace my job… almost 70 hours a week…) I’m just so incredibly proud to call him MY MAN!

So, Happy Birthday my sweet hunky man! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Snuggling with his Annabelle! He didn’t get to do this often for a long time…
Helping with Annabelle’s first bath! Sign of a VERY good daddy!!!!
Annabelle LOVES LOVES LOVES her daddy’s kisses!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mr Awesome Scott Phillips!

  2. Happy Birthday, Scott! May God bless you abundantly!

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