A few GOOD things to report!!!

First, got a call on Friday about our labs on Thursday… They were GOOD. And not only just “good” but… they also did a BNP (hadn’t done one since we got out of the hospital) and, if you’ll remember, at it’s worst it was around 4000, but even at its best it was like 900ish, which is still VERY high.

Her BNP on Thursday?


I’ve never ever seen it that low! It’s… pretty much NORMAL!

Another fun thing, we got the okay to take Annabelle “out” again, which means we could go to CHURCH! We ran late (it isn’t easy getting 4 kids ready on top of all of Annabelle’s stuff!) but it was SO nice just to “be” in church again!

If you could though, prayers for ME are appreciated. I’ve caught a yucky head cold. I feel like my head is as big as a beachball and my throat is swollen. I take my cold meds, feel better for about 4 hours, then it is like someone turns off a switch and it all comes back again.

I’m mostly worried about giving it to everyone else, specifically Annabelle. I’ve tried to stay away, but I also have to take care of her. Am wearing a mask when I come close, but she keeps holding out her arms wanting me to hold her, and it KILLS me to not snuggle with her. I did a few times, with her back to me, because I couldn’t stand it! Please pray I get over this QUICK so I can have snuggle Annabelle time again!

It’s also gonna be a CRAZY week this week, and I REALLY need my strength.

We have clinic on Monday, Annabelle pictures on Tuesday (my cousin is a photographer and is gonna take her one-year pictures!), an ENT appointment on Wednesday, PT on Thursday, and Feeding evaluation on Friday. Unfortunately I couldn’t double up on any of the appointments so that is FIVE trips out of “town” this week (each about 30 – 40 minute drive!) I’m not complaining… because after this week, things SHOULD start slowing down, dr appointment wise anyway, as long as Annabelle keeps doing well! Please pray this is the case, as Momma could really use some down time just to get into a routine at home and get somethings done!!!

Oh, and Garage sale went well. We sold a LOT of stuff, but we had so much, we still have a TON left. So, we might put it out again in a few weeks just to see if we can get rid of any more of it. We shall see!

I have pictures to post, but to be honest, I’m tired and it takes work to do so, so I’ll post some this week when I’m feeling more up to it. *yawn* Right now, I think my meds are starting to wear out again… time to refuel!



  1. Krista, best news ever! Thank you, Jesus. Try to rest when you're not running everyone around.

  2. Rejoicing about the good news and commiserating about the crummy cold. Hope you feel better soon and have the energy needed for the busy week ahead.

  3. I haven't been around and so glad I stopped by to read your GREAT news!!!!

  4. That is amazing!!!! GREAT news, Krista!

  5. Still praying. Always. You amaze me and inspire me.

  6. That's great news about Annabelle! Thyank God!!
    I hope you are feeling better by now 🙂

  7. So glad to hear things are so much better. My PraySing class has been praying and our worship director keeps asking how "our" baby is doing. (He's such a dear compassionate man.)I will give them this wonderful update. Can't wait to see pics and I may be able to figure out how to get one up on my phone so I can show Darlene and Allen who they've been praying for so faithfully.
    Praying that icky yuck goes away QUICKLY.

  8. Glad to hear the good news! We continue to pray for you and your precious Annabelle, as well as, the rest of your precious family.

  9. what good news! Minus the lousy cold of course. I hope you are starting to feel better already.

    Do try to give yourself some rest time too. It is so easy to just run run run and then you are all run out!

    School starting is always a busy time and I am already excited for Labor Day weekend! Hopeless I guess. 😉

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