I am a garage sale junky. There is no better way to spend a nice sunny Saturday morning than perusing the neighborhoods near by for sales. It’s the thrill of the chase that draws me. There is usually that one garage sale with great stuff for only 50 cents each. When you find it, you have hit the mother-load! Inevitably, I always come home with junk I don’t really need. But the bright side is that it’s CHEAP junk! And it can always be resold at our next garage sale! I do find a lot of ‘play’ clothes for my kids, as well as little toys and odds and ends that THEY think are pretty neat. It is great how kids reared on garage sales can be just has happy with a used Barbie doll than with a brand new one.

So that is how I spent my morning! My husband usually works Saturday mornings, so I only go garage saling when I am in an especially ambitious mood to take all 3 of my girls (with promises of donuts after we are done!). Today however, Scott worked the afternoon/evening shift, so I had the whole morning to go garage saling with my sister, a rare treat! We then spent the early afternoon stalking some poor unsuspecting man (long story… and not a very flattering one so I’ll keep the details to myself… let’s just say it is a wonder I didn’t get kicked out of our local bookstore!)

Anywho, this was a most unproductive Saturday, as I didn’t ever find my ‘mother-load’, but that is ok. It was stuff fun!! And there is always next Saturday…