After an evening of facebook msging during The Bachelor, I came into work this morning with almost every woman (who watched the bachelor) up in arms over pretty much every male out there. (One screws up, they all screw up, sorry but that’s just a fact!)

The general consensus prior to last night is that Jason was a dream. Hard working, sweet and looked to be a great dad, you just wanted to hug him and tell him how sweet he was. I thought throughout the show, he held some sort of decorum about him. He eliminated 2 girls instead of one at one rose ceremony because he didn’t want to lead on a girl who he knew he wouldn’t end up with. Yeah, it probably hurt for them, but it was classy to care so much.

He really had a heart for Stephanie and her situation, which I thought was really cool.

But yeah, I started to lose a bit of respect for him a few weeks ago when he was saying, “I’m really in love with two girls!” Seriously? No you’re not. You like two girls, and are attracted to them, but in love? Give me a break. That’s like my husband coming to me and saying, “Baby, I know I cheated on you, but I love BOTH of you.” Gonna REALLY fly there.

So last night, the most UNclassy thing of the season happened. I’m sure most of you watched it, but really? Seriously? Did he really do what we saw him do?

Good gosh! Or, as my facebook status read last night, “Holy Bachelor Crap!”

The funniest was my eight-year-old daughter. She was torn as to what girl to root for, but when Jason dumped Melissa on live TV, she comes marching in from my bedroom in complete disgust, and says to me with a huff, “I’M GOING TO BED!” Then she stomped into her room and went to bed.

She’s just a bit of a drama queen, but even SHE realized he was a big honkin’ jerk.

Now, that said, I DO think Molly would have been the better pick, and I DO hope it works out for them.

But, ugh, I’m just out of words right now. And that is RARE for me!

Feel free to leave your own ribbing comment (or if you dare, a comment in defense of him! LOL!)



  1. Jason Mesnick is a moron. Can I say that?

  2. What? You watch a show like this and don’t expect some kind of ridiculous drama to ensue? 😉

    From a “Bachelor/ette” hater

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