I took my Gabby to the eye doctor today.

I have amb… well, I cannot never spell the real word, but it is a lazy eye. The doctor had told me to keep an eye on my girls (bad pun) because they have a 50% chance of getting it from me, it’s genetic.

Soooo, Karalynn and Lacy are fine so far, but my Gabby I’ve noticed lately that her eyes weren’t quite right. One just looked a little off from the other, but I know I’m hyper sensitive about it and feared it was “mommy overreacting” syndrome.

I gave in and took her to my eye doctor today and I wasn’t overreacting. (Yeah that I’m not stupid and seeing things, but boo that somethings wrong with my Gabster!)

Anyway, he concurred that my Gabriella is far-sighted (how they can tell that about a 2 year old who barely said a word to him, just grinned the whole time, I don’t know!) and she tends to favor her left eye.

He isn’t sure if this is because of the far-sightedness or if she is going to have the ambsomething aka lazy eye too, but we go back in 2 weeks to confirm her prescription and get fitted for glasses.

I am sad for my Gabby, because I’ve suffered through the irritation of eye glasses, eye patches, eye surgery, eye jokes (even my dad and my uncle would throw out the Coke bottle glasses one every once in a while…), and just general eye irritation. I don’t want that for her!!

Thankfully, we’ve caught it early and the worst of it should be corrected with the glasses. And the glasses now a days are really cute rather than my hideously ugly THICK ones I had to wear 20 years ago.

Now, the fun will begin in a few trying to get a 2 year old to actually WEAR said glasses.

We’ve been so far unsuccessful at potty-training because she is so stubborn. Eyeglass wearing is going to be loads of fun.

Input time! What is something that you had to experience as a child that you pray your children don’t have to (or grandchildren as the case may be…)?


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  1. Oh, I’m sorry for Gabby as well. I have no kids, but I grew up with glasses as well. Coke bottle jokes, etc. I got glasses in the third grade.

    I bet she’ll do fine with wearing them, and you’re right, they are way more cute NOW than 20 years ago…..UGH. I had Holly Hobby gigantic glasses. They took up my whole face. Yikes.

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