Ever since January, my husband and I have prayed really hard that Ananbelle would be home for her first birthday. Since we had NO idea how long it would take to get her heart, we knew there was a real possibility we could still be on the waiting list, in the hospital, come her birthday.

Obviously we aren’t.

But given our many hospital stays since, my fear soon turned to, “What if we are back in the hospital on her birthday?!?”

And low and behold, I went out and got most of the rest of the stuff for her birthday yesterday, and last night, she started grunting and nasal flairing and dipping her SATS, all things she hasn’t done in a long time.

I put her to bed, thinking she was just tired, and she went to sleep and her breathing calmed. I kept her plugged into the O2 monitor all night long (read didn’t sleep as I woke up every 15 minutes to read the number or silence an alarm when she squirmed) and for the most part, she had GREAT O2 saturations (but we also increased her oxygen last night too…)

This morning, she is playing fine, but she looks puffier than normal and is still grunting off and on (not a good sign), and I heard one wettish sounding cough. I don’t think it is a bug… I mean it could be, but she only coughed like one time and she isn’t snotty…

Anyway, called the doctor, and we are headed for clinic at noon to get her checked out.

I won’t lie. I scared out of my mind.


Not-so-funny thing is… last night, when I was worrying and wondering if I should take her in or at least call, I found out that Miss Anna Reese was on her way back to the hospital.

Annabelle and Anna Reese need to STOP liking to go to the hospital at the same time! I think they just miss each other so are trying to find a way to see each other or something…

Now, I really don’t think we’ll be admitted today (unless our labs are awful…) but am hoping maybe there is some clue as to why and we can adjust something little and go on our way, or that it is a fluke and by the time we get there she is doing grand and they are like, “um, mom, she’s fine, stop worrying,” in which case I will GLADLY look like a worry-over-nothing mother!!!!

All this said, please please pray for miss Annabelle and Anna Reese today, that they BOTH do good breathing, and that Anna Reese can go back home really soon, and that AnnaBELLE is back in her own bed TONIGHT!




  1. I'll be praying for both Anna's!! And for you and Scott 🙂


  2. praying for the "why are you worried, she's fine" look for you! Also praying for Anna Reese 🙁

  3. Krista,

    Prayers your way.

    Krista, you probably don't feel like you're strong, but I sit in amazement as I read your story. You are so strong, even when you feel weak. God has so blessed you. He picked you out as one special mommy for one very special little girl!

    God bless you all. Prayers already sent and more on the way.

  4. Saying my prayers that Annabelle is back in her bed tonight!!

  5. praying for Miss Annabelle today! Hope she is not in the hospital too long..

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