Good news and bad news.

The good news is that I did MUCH BETTER this week regarding food/exercise.

The bad news is that I didn’t really lose any weight. I’m currently at ZERO pounds. But that’s okay. I have a few good habits going and if I STICK WITH THEM I have faith that I’ll have a better story to tell you next week.

Things I did RIGHT:

  • A girl at work and I did the “steps” every day this week. We are on the sixth floor, so twice a day we walk down the steps and walk back up. Actually, we jog up the first 4 flights but then we are gasping for breathe so walk up the last two.
  • For 3 of the four days, I did some other kind of exercise, be it sit-ups or the arm weight thingy’s of my husbands.
  • I started to lay off of my pop drinking.
  • I drank a BUTT LOAD of water.
  • I ate breakfast each day, and for two out of the four days, had a very small lunch. Lunch is the one meal I’m able to skimp on. (I’m not counting the weekend… it was kinda crazy!)
  • I managed my portions at dinner time.
  • My hubby bought a brownie mix and ice cream (SERIOUSLY, what was he thinking!) and I have yet to break into either. This is a momentous occasion people!

Things I stunk it up on:

  • I went out for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • I had a massive headache on Tuesday from not drinking pop. I then woke up with same said headache on Wednesday, so had a pop at lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. I was trying not to… but alas, my head could not take it.
  • I ate a Rolos candy bar my husband bought for me last weekend. (Seriously, I think he’s trying to make me fat!)

Discussion: Those of you fellow fat Friday losers… (We’re losing weight!) how did YOU do this week?

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  1. Okay…your Fat Friday post made me crave Rolos. Is that you intentions? 🙂

  2. Yay, Krista! The stairs sound brutal!

    I'm doing pretty good this week. I'm down six pounds in two weeks, so I'm pretty happy. The goal was to be down 10 lbs by conference. If I reach it before then, I'll set a new goal.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I've exercised three times a week consistently for the past few weeks. So thanks for inspiring me! I'm actually really enjoying the walking because it's just time for me and my DD's to spend together and talk! Love it! And I think I'm firming things up a bit in the process! and feeling healthy!

  4. Thanks for the regular post that keeps me accountable and makes me wish I had better news to report. I'm back to my pre-vacation weight if that counts. That's four pounds in two months.

    Walking on the treadmill 2 1/2 miles, 3 to 5 days a week plus the swimming pool with the kids. Making healthier choices and limiting portions. Getting firmer but not really losing any poundage.

    How many more weeks until conference? Maybe I should try on the motivation clothes – the "if you really want to wear this when you sit down with an agent you'd better get your act in gear NOW" clothes.

  5. At least you didn't gain, right? I think that's great. good work!

  6. Oh, I love Rolos!!!! And I just ordered a pizza. So, I'm not doing so well on this Fat Friday. The pizza is not going to help me lose those 5 pounds I was hoping to lose by Aug. 12. Hmmm. I did go to spinning class this morning.

  7. I exercised ONCE and I have watched my portions, but I have not got on the scale because I can't bear to see nothing happening. I'm going to wait. Kuddos to you for not gaining!!!

  8. Katie, yes, my intentions exactly. Making everyone gain weight will make me look skinnier right?!?

    Erica… they ARE brutal. LOL Good jobs on your 6 pounds!!!

    Jody, YEAH on your exercising! And time with daughter is so important… I need to do more walking with mine too!

    Candee,, 4 pounds is good! And getting firmer is great too.. sometimes I build a little muscle before the pounds start coming off.

    T.Anne… EXACTLY no gain is a good thing!

    Heather…. I had pizza tonight too. BUT… it was the thin crust that has less calories. That's better than nuthin right?

    Sherrinda… step on the scale, girl. But go to the bathroom first. Or better yet… drink a lot of water, weigh, then wait an hour, go to the bathroom, THEN weigh. It will make you FEEL like you lost weight. (I'm dumb… I know!)

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