Self-admittently, last week’s decent number was inflated because it was really Thursday morning, pre-Thanksgiving stuffed.

On Monday, I weighed and I was UP 4 pounds. I then pigged out all day for multiple reasons (stress over edits, stress over being up so much weight…)

The next day, I was only up 3 pounds. Can’t be sure exactly how that happened, but I’m choosing not to question it and just be thankful! I did half-way decent the rest of the week, to come in at my not-great but not-too-bad-considering number.


Krista’s Numbers: 

This week:                   +1 pounds
Total Fat Friday loss: – 6 pounds
Total Weight loss:      -20 pounds

Scott’s Numbers:

This week:                   -0 pounds

Total Fat Friday loss: – 13 pounds

Total Weight loss:      -38 pounds

This next week, we’ll be making CHRISTMAS COOKIES around my house! YUM! I’m so thoroughly excited!
However… Thanksgiving was tough y’all. How am I supposed to make it through CHRISTMAS COOKIES?
Especially when it is the ONE time of year I allow myself to make chocolate caramel sugar cookies! I mean… can it GET any better and more fattening than that???
A few Krista tips for surviving Christmas Cookie Craziness:
  • One a day. Oh, so hard, I know. But it spreads out the joy for longer too:-)
  • Don’t eat the batter. Although, not sure if I can follow this one myself…
  • PRESENTS! Instead of letting the little culinary darlings sit around your house taunting you, Christmas cookies make great presents for your kiddos teachers, your mailman, your coworkers, your neighbors. And it’s better than fruitcake. (Really, does anyone even EAT that stuff?)
  • Speaking of coworkers… I always took a bunch to work, or sent some with hubby to work. They would all get eaten in about 30 minutes, and happy co-workers is always a good thing!
  • One that we are doing this year and plan to make it a tradition: We’ll be taking most of our cookies to doctors/nurses at Vandy Children’s as a thanks for all their care this past year for our Annabelle. There is also a Ronald McDonald Room in the hospital that gives free snacks to families in the hospital. Being in the hospital with your child is hard and vending machines get EXPENSIVE. So it’s important to us to support this awesome place, so they’ll be receiving a bunch this year too! You can also take some to your local Ronald McDonald House too (ours accepts food donations, I assume all do but you might want to check first!)
  • Make healthy cookies! (Who am I kidding… if you can do this, more power to ya!)  

Discussion: A little counter productive for our weight-loss… but ’tis the season. What’s your FAVORITE Christmas cookie????


Have had several people ask for my chocolate caramel filled sugar cookie recipe…

To save, am sending the link to one I found online, although I don’t use nuts (yuck!) and I use rolo’s for the caramel!

These are FABULOUS right out of the oven… ooey gooey…. oh my goodness, I need to stop now!



  1. Rudolf the red nose reindeer cookies

    What you will need:

    1 Roll of Peanut Butter Cookie dough

    Twisted Pretzels

    Red M&M’s or red hot’s (M&M’s are softer)

    Chocolate chips

    Refrigerate cookie dough in the roll to keep firm. Slice dough about 1/4 inch thickness. Place on cookie sheet. Toward bottom of circle of dough, using your thumb and pointing finger squeeze in the bottom to make indention for nose area. Place two pretzels at the top for antlers, two chocolate chips for eyes and M&M for the nose in the lower section, below the indention. Be sure to give space on the pan for the cookies to bake. Hope you enjoy!

  2. Oh, yes, and as Mis Wilson included, recipes are OH SO WELCOME!!!!!!

  3. Krista, I would love to have the recipe for those cookies, sounds wonderful. I decorate cookies and this week I made 140 mini stocking cookies and packaged them 3 to a package and gave them out.. Workers at two different Chick-fil-a resturants (I go there everyday), dry cleaners, post office, pet store, bank, etc. It was so much fun to hand out a little homemade Christmas cheer!!

  4. Updated with my cookie recipe… (link because I'm lazy aka busy today! HA!)

  5. Frightening to see Jillian Michaels just to the left of this post. Jillian scares me! Especially since I just ate 2 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and I'm just gonna choose not to look at that scale this week. 😉 Best Wishes ~Lis

  6. Krista,
    I've taken a hiatus of sorts from "Fat Friday". I plan to resume after the New Year. I just don't need the extra stress (or guilt)if I don't lose the weight. Still, I'm determined to try to make healthy choices.

    I've never been much of a baker but Fantasy Fudge is a Christmas tradition (w/o the nuts). A few years ago I did find a recipe for a dark chocolate cranberry fudge. It is a "light" recipe but I haven't mastered it yet. (The first year I made it, it turned out wonderful, the last two years … not – so – good.) I'll look at your chocolate caramel cookie recipe and maybe that will be something new to try, too.

  7. Tammi, as you can tell from the extreme cookie talk on this post, I'm not being nearly so religious about it during December either! I think it's a good time to try and "maintain" and eat proportionately, so we don't step on the scale come 12/26 and be like, "Holy crap, what did I do!"

    Actually, I think that's a swell post for next Fat Friday:-)

  8. I'm going to make these cookies for my Sunday school classes and hope they won't worry about the calorie count.


  9. t… i doubt seriously anyone will be thinking of calories.

    And if they do, tell them it's fat free/sugar free, then grin really big:-)

  10. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that's dodging "Fat Friday"!! I too plan to maintain as best as possible this month but come January…. Watch out, here I come!!! Thanks for the great recipes…. I love making Christmas cookies and candy with my 4 almost 5 year old little princess!!

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