This past week had its ups and downs. Downs was eating. I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t gotten back to my calorie counting. I can tell a HUGE difference, and even though I’m trying to count “in my head” and not eat as much, I’m realizing that I’m a numbers girl, through and through. Seeing the numbers, and managing what I eat related to the numbers, is really really good for me. When I don’t see the numbers, I can fudge.

But, I’ve made a conscious effort to “do more” and I can feel it… my muscles are SORE! But, it’s a good sore, one where I can tell I’m on the right path, even though I still need to do better.

Till, it wasn’t enough to put a good number up today. Next week, by the way, I’ll still post on Friday, however I’m weighing on Thursday morning. BEFORE Thanksgiving dinner. Gives me a week to work it all off:-)


Krista’s Numbers: 

This week:                   -1 pound
Total Fat Friday loss: – 5 pounds
Total Weight loss:      -19 pounds

Scott’s Numbers:

This week:                   -3 pounds (includes last week)

Total Fat Friday loss: – 8 pounds

Total Weight loss:      -34 pounds


If your Thanksgiving is anything like mine, it’s full of WAY TOO MUCH FOOD.

Here is my advice on surviving Thanksgiving while not packing on a billion pounds.

1.) Two words: PORTION CONTROL.

Instead of eating one piece of every kind of pie, take of a little bite-sized piece of each. (Or have a small normalish piece of your favorite.)

Instead of piling your plate high, take about half a serving of all your favorites, except for the rare healthy item, have a full serving of that!

2.) Stop when you’re full. That’s what leftovers are for!

3.) Eat less the day or two before. Okay, I know some would say this just makes you hungrier and urges you to gorge. But for me personally, when I have a habit of eating less for a few days, I get fuller faster. If you’re already in the habit of eating smaller meals, you’ll get full halfway through that meal and can save the rest for later (see point 2!)

Please note that I didn’t tell you to skip any of the bad stuff. Because I, for one, won’t be doing that. If you have the willpower to skip out on some high-calorie items… GOOD FOR YOU!!!! I’m jealous!

Anyone else have some good tips or ideas????



  1. Fat Friday #4: 0
    Total Fat Friday Losses: -3

    I didn't have a good week. I was craving the chocolate! I also didn't keep my promise to exercise – I didn't even get one day completed. I really need the accountability in this area.

    Thanks for the tips for Thanksgiving. Another good one I hope to do if weather permits is to take a walk after the meal.

  2. My tip for surviving Thanksgiving is (A) the price of groceries,lol and (B) we enjoy our Thanksgiving entirely and the week after but then, 1 solid week of salad,fruit, and water 😉

  3. Tammi…

    zero is better than a positive number!

    Walking is a GREAT tip.

    And start small on exercising. Even if it is 10 minutes a day, get in the habit, and build up. It's really hard to get into a routine, but once there, it's a little easier to maintain, especially when the scale (and loser fitting clothes!) shows you progress!!

  4. Lis.. HA on the groceries, and yeah, I'm usually so stuffed on thanksgiving that the next week I eat pretty scarcely too!

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