Okay, so this is the second “Fat Friday” but this is the end of the first week. *grin*

This is a tough blog for me to write, because I totally, irrevocably FAILED this last week. Last weekend my in-laws were in town, and we had Gabby’s birthday party. All of which equals TOO MUCH FOOD. Then, my kids left of Monday. I did okay that particularly day, but it all went down hill from there, because, no kids equals no desire to make dinner equals going out to eat WAY TOO MUCH.

So, I come to this blog and have to humbling admit that I am at plus 2 pounds this week. *sigh*

My GOAL is minus 13 by end of August. So now I have 15 to go. *groan*

I do have to say, posting this is helping. I feel very ashamed at the fact I’m having to broadcast my failure to the whole blogosphere. There will NOT, I repeat NOT be a positive number next week.

Discussion: For you skinny minnies, feel free to boo and hiss. It will do me good. For those who accepted my Fat Friday challenge, how did you do? You were at zero, now where are you? Have you thought about a goal??? If so, let us know so we can help keep accountable! If you want to tag along with my 13 pound goal, feel free! We can have a race, LOL.



  1. Ok. So I was down. Woohoo! -2.2 pounds this week. Of course, I have a lot further to go than you so it's easier for me to lose. Don't worry about the gain, just get back on track for next week.

  2. Hold the phone, let me clarify! I have MUCH MORE than 13 pounds to lose! My GOAL long term is about 43 pounds (but I'd love to lose more like 50)

    13 is what I want to lose, reasonably, prior to the ACFW conference. If I lose more than COOL!

    Lotusgirl, YEAH YEAH YEAH for you! You SO get an A for the week!

  3. I'll commiserate with you. I gained 2 pounds too!!!! My excuse was the start of Summer School (I am secretary/attendance clerk) and the start of it was a nightmare. So…I comforted myself with sugar. 🙂 Oh the shame. So, off to a new week. The kids are gone all week to camp and so I am stocking up on some Lean Quizines (or some such other foods) and keep myself on a plan. My goal is to lose 2 pounds by next Friday. So there.

  4. I'm skinny but even I gained weight this week–too many twinkies! Start over tomorrow–it's a new day:)

  5. Krista, I'm sure you'll make up for it! Same as with writing, we pick ourselves back up and get going again! How'd you do with your writing goals this week?

  6. Sherrinda, We WILL lose it! You and I, next week, minus 2 pounds or more!

    Terri, you just keep eating your twinkies. *wink* Just kidding!!!!!!

    Jody, you are so right!!! And actually, Scott and I went on this REDICULOUS walk today, which I will blog about on Monday complete with crazy pictures and everything! (and maybe even a video or two if I can get my hubby to upload them….) I am HOPING that this very long walk will help promote my weight loss for the next week!

    My writing goals? I did pretty good actually! I finished my revision of my first two chapters, am working on the next chapter right now, AND, AND, AND, took a little time to start on my new book idea, in which I got over 500 very rough words down. How about you? Are you widdling your to do list down???

  7. I'm joining in, Krista. I need to lose a bit more than 15 by the end of the summer, but I'm going to give it a try.

    Expect me next week! 🙂 And good luck!

  8. eeek on public admission. I guess that's why confession works? 🙂 Good luck this week and you'll do great!

  9. Awwww, it'll be okay. 🙂 You'll do great this week I'm sure!

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