Tomorrow is a special day for two VERY special reasons.

One: Those of us who are Americans get the distinct privilege to VOTE for the leader of our country, and in many cases, leaders in our state and city as well.

I’ll not tell you who to vote for.

So many people have probably already told you a billion times why you should vote for each candidate. At this point, my voice would just be an annoying echo, although I’m always happy to (nicely) discuss privately as I am able. For the record, I’m one of those wacky conservative republicans (and proud of it!) and my vote will reflect such.

*side note* I’ve gotten many a wrinkled nose at my political stance due to our healthcare situation, but here is the thing about that: WE AGREE that something needs to change. WE AGREE that babies with life-threatening illnesses such as Annabelle should receive quality healthcare. We just don’t agree on how to best accomplish that. Honestly, I don’t think either party has it “right” and I don’t claim to know the answer. What I do know is that I pray about it daily, as it has a HUGE effect on our daughter and family’s future.

All of my own stance aside… REGARDLESS of your political position…. if you haven’t already done early voting, get thyself to the polls tomorrow! What an honor we have that we can do so. May we not take that right for granted.

Two: My eldest daughter is turning twelve.

Wow. One year until “teenager”land. Oye. Every day, I’m realizing just how IMPORTANT this whole “parenting” job is. The immensity of it is slamming against me like a huge wakeup call. Up until now, it’s been filled with things like teaching them manners and to love Jesus, their ABC’s and how to use the potty. Even “older” things like how clothes match and how to use the dishwasher and how NOT to use spend your money.

Maybe it’s a combination of my little girl growing up and the election falling hand-in-hand this year, but the reality that parenting is more than just the mechanics is very real to me today. In six years, my daughter will be “able” to vote. She’ll be going out into that big, huge, crazy, confusing world and expected to make decisions and be a productive citizen.

Who knows what the next years will consist of? Universal Healthcare? More Recession, or another “boom?” War? Famine? Peace? Plenty?

How can I really prepare her when I myself have no clue what is to come?

Here is how: I teach her that regardless of what is going on the world, God is one step higher. He is supreme and knows all. We can trust Him, rely on Him, and follow Him.

I can teach her that while the leadership of our country is critical, it will always be flawed to some point because it is lead by human brains. That God can and WILL reign over it all someday, and we can trust Him.

I can show by example while voting and being wise is critical, our faith should NOT be in politicians or even in a government, but instead, in the God who created her in his image.

Discussion: Anyone else ready for tomorrow to be OVER already? Did you early vote, or are you holding out for tomorrow? Undecided, or ready to push that button or check that box?



  1. Oooh, she's getting old!! A teenager! Wow.
    I'll be voting tomorrow. I love to express my opinion. LOL

  2. LOL, Jessica! She is NOT NOT NOT a teenager yet… still a year and a day to go, and I'll treasure EACH one of them, thank you very much!

    YEAH for voting tomorrow and expressing your opinion! I like to do that too…. a little too much at times, HA HA HA!

  3. I voted early and did all I could to restore conservative leadership to our country. LOL

  4. Amen!

    Hubby and I voted this morning.

    Happy Birthday Karalynn! Also, if you haven't heard of it, I completely and highly recommend Passport to Purity. Check it out…wonderful bonding time to do with each of your girls (it's for boys too).

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