Yesterday I played Mommy-trump-card and instituted an emotional health day for my kiddos!!! We called it a belated Spring Break since they’d been SUPER BORED over their real spring break with Annabelle in the hospital all week.

I surprised them in the morning with turning off their alarms… took Annabelle to my sweet sis-in-law’s house for a play-date with her cousins, and the older 3 girls and I were off to Opry Mills Mall for a day of GIRL TIME!!!! We had a blast shopping… (I’m used to ultra bargain shopping… I had to physically stuff back my objection to prices but I was adamant that they would NOT hear “we can’t afford that” or “that’s just ridiculous” all day like they are normally subjected too… Most of the time I feel like that is teaching them to be savvy shoppers… but sometimes I know it has to get old!)

We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe… they each got at least one outfit each… we had dessert at Sweet Cece’s in the mall… and then most of us got pedicures! (Gabby has this thing AGAINST having anyone touch her nails… she gets a special surprise later since that was our end-of-day surprise and she bowed out)

Mommy’s wallet is groaning in pain this morning… but it was worth splurging on my sweet kiddos for one day and letting them know how WORTH it they are and how much we absolutely adore them!

And quite honestly, Mommy was excited to have a day out with just my girls too!! We haven’t done that in a VERY LONG TIME!!!!

THEN my sweet Lacy did an AMAZING job at her softball game last night… got her first base hit of the season then stole 2nd, 3rd, and home to make a run! She got the game ball for the night! This is her first year on fast pitch, and we started her a year earlier than normal, so to get a hit off a fast pitch is a BIG DEAL for her. (She actually got another REALLY good hit too, but fouled it.)

So yeah… a much needed GOOD day in the Phillips’ house. Today I am paying for it though, as I got to clean back up my house from all the things I didn’t get done yesterday on top of a billion other catchup items!!!

OH! And Van update. We are still undecided. The other van is not sold yet, but I just don’t feel a “yes” quite yet… but don’t want to go by my feelings if that makes any sense.Mostly because I don’t have a “no” yet either.

I found another one on craigslist that I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY like… but it is way too much money (by like, over 3k dollars…) but for some reason I can’t stop looking at it! It totally might be me just dreaming… (I do title my blog One Woman’s Dream for a reason ya know…. I’m a BIG dreamer!) but because no one ever gets anything by not trying… I threw out my fleece and emailed them to see if they would even begin to entertain the lowball offer that we could give them. Even the number I gave them was MAX amount… I was hoping not to have to spend that much. But I figure GOD knows what we need… He has perfect timing, for both Scott and I and for whoever is selling the vehicle God wants us to have.

I’m trying very hard not to set down with my calendar during prayer time and remind him of the dates… or give a “ahem, remember?” everytime I’m driving and my transmission makes me thankful for a seatbelt…

God knows. I’m trusting and seeking and trying to be faithful. A vehicle is such a little thing in the grand scheme of things, but I’m a big believer that God wants to be Lord over our WHOLE life and if we commit even these type of decisions to Him, we’ll be better for it.

What about you? Do you ever feel sheepish and a wee bit small taking our seemingly “less important” decisions to God? Or are you the opposite… do you tend to make all the decisions and realize later that, DUH, you should have let God weigh in? (Confession: I tend to lean toward the later…)


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  1. Regarding your God questions, I figure the closer we are to God the more we become one with Him and therefore many decisions are made with one mind–if that makes sense. So I talk to him about the things that are much more hazy.

    On your outing–woo-hoo!!! What a great thing to do with your girls. Glad you all had a beautiful and wonderful day.

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