we decided to take Annabelle to the emergency department. she’s just breathing harder than normal… and we had to go up from .075 of a liter of oxygen to .5 of a liter and she was still barely staying at 90%. She also had a bad night last night… cried much of the night and obviously didnt feel well. Please pray for us today… that everything is fine and this is just normal Annabelle issues. She is already doing much better… but they have her on a liter of oxygen so thats probably part of her improvement. Her body is saying “Ahhhhhhhh… air!!!!” right now we are waiting to have her blood drawn… have had an ekg… and they will consult cardiology on what to do with us. Will update later. I am so not pleased that we had to come back… but its a little of a relief to not be questioning everything anymore and to be able to get someone elses opinion on what to do.



  1. Always safer (and more comforting) to go in when things seem a little off! I hope that all is well and she just needed a bit more O2 and you are out of there soon! Will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Praying you will be reassured and then off back HOME! We just went through that last week with our daughter and felt so much better after she was checked out.

    Perhaps little sweet Annabelle is teething?!

    Praying for your family!

  3. Will be praying and hoping that you're home soon.

  4. We will be praying with you Krista!

  5. Sorry for your agonizing night. I will pray for you all and it is a comfort to know she is in capable hands. As always, your journey inspires me to be a better mother to my own daughter. May you only have good news and continued blessings!

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