The Eagle has landed

I love my husband.

I really do.

We’ll have been married for 9 years this October, and he still makes my heart go to mush when he kisses me and I still get butterflies in my stomach when he tells me he loves me.

But after nine years, you would think I would be used to my husband. You would think I would be able to roll with the punches and, more than that, my husband would know what I will accept and what puts me over the top.

So for the last few weeks, my husband has been working on a ‘project’. I wasn’t sure what this was, but I knew he was working on it. I assumed it had something to do with paper. You see, my husband isn’t huge into football or golf. He is more of a music guy, and his *guy* hobby he has is folding paper.

I know. Huh? Folding Paper? He likes Origami. I have always accepted this about my husband and choose to love him for it. He folds me flowers:-) It is pretty cute.

So anyway, I assumed this was his project.

Until I came home yesterday.

And I saw it.

On my entertainment center.

In the middle of my living room.

The Eagle.

Made out of paper.

and this wasn’t just a little origami eagle. This was a large bald eagle. With probably a two foot wingspan.

Now I had a choice. Do I complement my husband for such a wonderful work of art? (He did do a really good job, it looks really real!) At what point and time do I tell him that it will NOT stay in my living room?

So, I love my husbands hobby, but most wives don’t allow their husbands to decorate their living room with Cowboys posters. So I didn’t think I would be required to adorn my living room with paper poultry.

So, when I casually mentioned that the eagle needed to land in a different part of the house, I was shocked to hear my husband protest. “There’s no other place to put it where people will see it!” he says strongly.

His mother is there and agrees with him, that it looks wonderful in my living room.

I feel like a heel. Am I a mean wife? Am I unsupportive? Should I let a big huge raptor take a permenent place in my otherwise tastefully decorated living room?????

Suggestions are appreciated (I will add a picture of said raptor soon…)