Surgery is now looking like thursday the 21st (vs the 20th) due to the surgeons schedule. Still subject to change, though.
They aren’t 100% sure if she has a lung infection now. I don’t completely understand that part, there is a colonization of something but they think it actually “infected” her lungs because her lungs look clear, although there is a lot more secretions than normal that they are getting out when they suction her tube. They think her fever was from her UTI.

She also has another blood clot. Small, but it’s at the end of her PIC line. They increased her Lovanox (from her previous blood clots) and are going to recheck tomorrow. If it’s still there, then they may take out her PIC and put in another one.

Other than that, we’re just hanging out… waiting for surgery.

OH! GOOD NEWS! She has gained weight! My baby, last time we weighed, was 10lb 13 oz!! I’m anticipating her being 11 pounds when they weight tonight! It’s amazing how a baby will gain weight when she’s actually getting fed all the time! (For those that don’t know, we’ve had issues with feeding including vomiting and bloody stool, so her feeds were on again/off again, and everytime we reintubate, they are turned off and we have introduce it back slowly…)

Prayers for my family are appreciated! Scott has a cold, so he is banished from the hospital. I’m staying clear of home as much as I can, because I am scared to death of getting sick!!! I DO have to go home for a few hours tomorrow night, but I will be keeping lysol handy. No kisses for him anytime soon! 🙂 Please pray that NO ONE ELSE gets sick and that he gets better fast so he can come see his Annabelle, too!!

Bad hair day….
Mommy’s bad hair day fix….

Woke up this morning to tell Mommy bye-bye before she left for work! How thoughtful of Annabelle!
Occupational Therapist came and gave Annabelle a massage… Mommy followed that up with a pedicure. Look at them pink toes!!!


  1. Awww the pink toes are so cute!

    Your family is in my prayers.

  2. Those pink toes make me want to cry! I wish I could wrap you in a hug Krista, but since I can't know my prayers are with you and your family!

    Also, can Annabelle wear a bracelet? I don't if the "no-no's" stop her from that. If so email me…okay?


  3. Thanks for keeping us updated, Krista! Your girl is precious! Praying that everyone gets and stays well and that Annabelle's surgery goes amazingly well on the 21st. Know that you all are in our prayers! God bless! 🙂

  4. Praying for sweet Annabelle, and your family!

  5. Love the pink toes! (especially since you know I'm a pink-toes girl myself) 🙂

    And yes, you must not get sick! Take echinacea, Airborne, whatever you have to so that little girl can keep seeing her mommy. 🙂

  6. Awwww, sweet toes! I bet you kiss them a lot, hhhmmm?

    I'm praying for health and healing for your family. (((hugs)))

  7. Hi Krista –

    Oh, she's looks so adorable with her toenails painted. My guess is she's the only fashionista baby in PICU.

    Praying for a successful surgery and wisdom for the docs.

    Susan 🙂

  8. I'm delighted to hear about Annabelle's weight gain. What a great indication that she's making progress and growing stronger by the day.

    I hope your hubby gets well quickly and that everyone else avoids the bug.

  9. Hoping you stay healthy! She's getting so big. What a sweet baby.

  10. We'll keep praying for that precious baby girl…

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