Annabelle’s first day of school… LAST year!


What a busy time.

My kids start school tomorrow.

and Mommy’s book comes out in 11 days!!!!

I think I was INSANE to plain these two events happening so close to each other.

My to-do list is a MILE long, both in my writing world and my “real” world. Laundry is backed up. My house is only slightly clean because I have been remotely successful in making the kids keep up with their chores this week.

Half of the school supplies are purchased, all the ones that were tax free last weekend. (Kleenex and other stuff may have to be a little late… but surely they won’t go through everyone else in the next 2 weeks, right?!?)

Annabelle is beginning to frown when she sees my laptop. In fact, everytime I sit down with it, she comes and jumps up in my lap or inserts herself behind me, wraps her arms around my neck, and yells, “Pi-ee-ack RYe!” Piggy back ride…. for those who don’t know Annabelle talk.

Part of me… a lot of me… feels guilty. I wish I could spent 100% of my day giving piggy back rides and loving on my kids!

But alas…mommy also needs to contribute to the family income as well, and right now, writing is what I can do while I’m still home to care for my kids needs. So there has to be a balance, right??!!??

Literally… I’m asked to give piggy back rides about 50 times a day….

Oh, and I caught her today with the toilet cleaning brush. Playing with it…. she’d snuck in there while Scott and I were trying to spend some time with the older girls playing a board game (that Annabelle just wanted to throw the pieces to on the floor…. so we’d put in a movie for her…which we found her watching WITH the toilet brush in hand…)

And we wonder while my child gets sick so much!!!!


I love my kids.
All of them.
I really do.

But yes, I’m excited for school to start back up. Mommy will have some GUILT FREE time to get a few things done, and that, my friends, is precious at the moment!

And Annabelle will have less time to play with toilet accessories….

Discussion: Make me feel better! What gross things have you caught YOUR kids playing with/doing??



  1. This is great! I don't have kids, but I am an aunt…today my nephew came out of a room with marker all over his hands. He's the same one who has also played with a dirty diaper…so yeah I get what you mean. 🙂

  2. Be thankful it is JUST the toilet brush she's playing with! yes, it's gross, and germy (not good for her at all) but I have had kids play with the plunger, hands in the toilet and even their own poo! Believe me, while there are tons of better toy options for her to choose..there are also tons worse 🙂 I have so many stories, I could write a book! lol (6 kids) so if you need a pick me up by hearing a worse story than what your little ones are doing, let me know 😉

  3. oh and that was supposed to say WASH their hands in the toilet..not just put them there 😉

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