My day started with waking up to Annabelle laying in a whole lot of poop. Like, bed/clothe/nasal canula drenched poop.

It then turned to dealing with a cranky but consolable Annabelle.

Husband went off to his interview.

Got kids off to school.

Got Annabelle and Gabby baths.

Dealt with insurance issues off and on all morning via phone and e-mail.

Ran late trying to get 10 meds together, and decided we didn’t have time for 10am feeds so would have to “feed” at the hospital, but I couldn’t find her pump carry bag.

We finally found it (after a very loud prayer issued by me) and ran out to the van… only to realize I forgot my keys inside the house.

The locked house.

Garage door opener was broke. Dead battery.

I tried to climb over the fence. Um, yeah. Wasn’t happening.

So I hoisted Gabby over the fence so she could go in the back door, much to her dismay. She was my brave big girl though, because Annabelle was in the hot van and that just wouldn’t do for long at all for very obvious reasons.

I then couldn’t find said keys. Another loud prayer issued, followed by me singing “BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD” really hoping that God would want my screeching to stop enough that he’d have mercy on me and show me where my keys were.

It worked. I found them only seconds later in some obscure place I should NOT have found them at for hours.

Got to the hospital. Annabelle puked on the hospital table thingy. (what do they call those again? Where the patient sits? It’s been a long day, I don’t even know…) Continued to cry for a long time until we finally got her calmed down.

Dr gave us the option to admit since Annabelle clearly wasn’t herself, but considering all labs and echo looked okay, they aren’t TOO concerned. Maybe a bug? Irritable from steroids? We are decreasing steroids to hopefully help. I said while the thought was nice, I probably shouldn’t use hospital as a babysitter. Krista-big-girl. Can-handle-fussy-puky-baby. (I might change my mind tomorrow if this continues!)

Met hubby who was finished with his interview for lunch and icecream at Sonic (Gabby’s treat for her fence scaling.) Annabelle started screaming again, so we then came home.

She puked again with her next feed.

Tried to put my house in order tonight, although Annabelle was laughing some for me this evening, so THAT made me feel better.

Had a fun conversation with Anna Reese’s Momma who is having fun drama of her own too. Nice to commiserate!

Then to top off my wonderful day, I walked into my bedroom and stepped on the plug to Annabelle’s feed pump. Ouchy side up. Bleeding foot. (It’s fine. I’m being a little dramatic, but it DID bleed and hurt like CRAZY. I’m a big girl though. I WILL TOUGHEN UP.)

Now, getting Annabelle to bed, hoping for NO MORE PUKING and a GOOD night sleep for all.

Thank you Jesus for getting us through crazy days in one piece! And for helping me find my feed pump bag and keys. And for letting Annabelle stay home. And for NOTHING being wrong that isn’t normal baby stuff. PLEASE let this weekend be better, restful, and not quite so crazy as this last week. I would so REALLY REALLY appreciate it! 





  1. Krista, you ARE a big girl. An amazing woman and mom and I'm so proud of you! One day at a time, sweetie!

  2. oh my….what a day!

    (I would be tempted to forget the feeds trickle pedialyte or water or even nothing for the night and see where you are in the AM. Unless you need to line the tummy for meds)

    How did the interview go?

  3. Beverley… thought of that myself, but… we've been doing less volume this week anyway switching to bolus (actually going UP on volume today) and because of issues, have skipped 2 feeds. Her weight was down yesterday and a little more today, and I'm afraid of her becoming dehydrated, so she really does need to eat!!!

    Interview went well. It was with a staffing agency, not an actual company though,but they have a few ideas in mind for him so we are hoping…

  4. Hmm..not sure sensitive she is to volume in her tummy…but we could only change by like 5cc's at a time, or we had puking issues.

  5. nice post. keep share with us.

  6. Wow…you had quite a day. Praying for a much calmer, puke-free tomorrow.

  7. Awe Krista how I was hoping for a bit of a break for you but not yet…it's coming though. Have you been able to sneak some cat naps in? I have found those to be a real life saver at times. Prayers for a "boring weekend."

  8. Oh dear. What a horrible day. I hope today starts out much better for you and everyone else!

  9. Wow! That is a lot for sure and one tough day. The best thing about it? Praising God the whole time…great job. Just found your site and am now following.

    Many Blessings,
    Jenny Lee Sulpizio

  10. What a day! Makes the better ones seem so much nicer, I'm sure. Praying as always.
    Hugs and blessings,

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