I received entries via e-mail, facebook, and on comments… (Note to Krista for next time, specify comment entries only to make your life easier!!)

But… drum roll…

Only one person got all 4 questions right!!! I didn’t think ANYBODY was going to get it right for a while.

Here are the answers:

  1. Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance.
  2. 6.2% (many of you were snazzy and included the note that the current limit is 106800 and that the self-employed rate is 12.4 %, Well done for the extra info!)
  3. Federal Insurance Contribution Act.
  4. Here’s the one only one person got right. The answer is NOTHING.

    The social security act was signed into law in 1935… but it didn’t take effect until 1937. So… in 1937 the limit was $3000.00. 1935… it was non-existent.

Congrats to Allie for winning! You didn’t get the bonus question right, but KUDOS for trying. E-mail me at krista @ kristaphillips . com with your address and I’ll mail your “prize” to you!

Oh, and the bonus question… well… I’d written down the answer yesterday and didn’t get it brought home, GR, and really, it’s a pain in the butt to figure out and I’m not going through the trouble again. But it’s about $701 and some odd change. I’d bore you with the exactly way to figure it… but I’m pretty sure no one cares. LOL. If you DO care, email me and I’ll give you the low-down.

Thanks to everyone who played!!!!! It was fun!




  1. You are wearing some smarty pants, aren't you? Trick question, indeed!!!! lol
    Fun contest!

  2. congrats to allie. i thought for sure my answer for #3 would have counted…that i was being so savvy by putting <$3000 (b/c i couldn't find any amount for that year…duh). anyway…congrats!

  3. I must have missed this contest, but certain I wouldn't have won looking at the answers. That looks like a tough one. COngrats, Allie!

  4. LOL, it was a trick question. In fact, the "winner" specifically noted in her answer

    "This is a trick question…" and gave the details of why it was so, years included. I was duly impressed:-)

    Jeannie, you were a close second with your answer… and I was actually going to count EVERYone's $3000.00 and put you all in the drawing unless someone got the answer right on the nose.

    So blame Allie and her smarty-pantsness. LOL.

    Sherrinda… I'll share my smarty-pants if you'll share your cranky ones!

    Although… when we lose our weight, we gotta toss the smarty and cranky ones and get some OH LA LA ones, kay?

  5. ROFL. I can't believe I am the only one who got it right! I kept looking and looking. You know what made me realize it was a trick question was because of the way it was worded. I wasn't satisfied with what I was finding because it didn't "match up"

  6. If you attempted to figure out the answers, then I'd say you're a smarty pants–at least in the math department. :] This was fun!

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