Not sure what else to say.

The last 2 days have been interesting to say the least. I’m not sure what I really expected to get out of the conference, er, should I say retreat, but what I wanted was the self-confidence to go on, and I can honestly say I did get that. I think.

I still find it hard not to question myself. I guess I fear that by saying I think I could make a go at this would be to jinx the whole matter and cause all hell to come down upon my head. Ok that didn’t make any sense, but it is where my mind is at at the moment.

That said, I do have alot more confidence. I let my baby out of her cacoon and shocker of all she flew and didn’t fall on her face! Meaning: No one hated it! At least, they didn’t say they did. That means something right?

The feedback was really good. There were a few minor things I didn’t agree with from the peers, but there was also alot that was really helpful. My ‘mentor’ said he liked it too!! There were some punctination and mechanical changings, and some wording suggestions, but he liked the style, liked the flow, and I think I should take that as a complement, right? He said he didn’t have alot of suggestions regarding the style and flow because he liked it. He said he laughed at a few parts, and thankfully those were the parts that were supposed to be funny!

So, I am now back home, lying in my bed, praying yet again that Tornado’s don’t come and blow us away tonight and rewriting part of book 2 (which by the way, is not the one I brought to the retreat to be critiqued). I am trying to apply all I learned to my latest work, and I *think* it is working. I have rearranged the story and I like it much better. It is still very much a work in progress, but getting better, and I am excited to see it come along.

But now, what to do with book number one… That is the question… Probably only God knows, but I am prayerfully considering the issue. Timing is everything, and the only one who knows that is the Lord God himself. And, thankfully, I trust him with every bit of me, including my heart and my writing!