Oh what memories were made this year!

My heart is super full today.

We began the morning awake very early. Us adults anyway. The kids (minus Annabelle) slept till 8am when we finally had to “encourage” them to wake up. To their credit though, we went to NC for Christmas this year to be with Scott’s parents. So it was 7am “our” time.

And to make it funner, the kids all camped out in one bedroom while Scott, his brother, myself, and for a while, his parents, all slept in the living room!! This of course was because the girls usually sleep in the living room but because Santa doesn’t come if kiddos aren’t in a bedroom, we had to change things up a bit.

So yeah, at about 7am, Annabelle came and snuggled with Scott and I on the recliner couch. The house was quiet, and my heart was just so incredibly full of joy.

The kids had a BLAST opening presents.

Annabelle got a Minnie Mouse Guitar and a Dolly. One of my FAVORITE moments was when she sat on the floor, put her guitar up to the baby-doll, and said, “Tar–Baby!” and tried to get the baby to play the guitar!

After lunch at Great-Granny’s house, we came back home and RELAXED. My kids were busy playing with toys, and Mommy settled down with a book I’d gotten for Christmas.

Yeah, I enjoyed my quiet time SO much that I finished the whole book!!!!

So yup, it was a fantastic Christmas. We enjoyed each other, enjoyed our gifts, and enjoyed remembering and celebrating the Birth of our KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS.

Only 364 days till next Christmas….

What was YOUR favorite Christmas memory this year?