A rare mid-week post for me…

I’ve decided to go ahead and lapse into “maternity” leave mode on my blog. My body is tired, my brain is tired, and what in the world is creativity again? I don’t remember…

So starting, uh, now, until ???, my blog will be baby Annabelle-related updates (and pictures!) only. Obviously, I’ll sneak in how I’m doing, how my hubby and kids are doing etc every once in a while too:-)

I won’t have a regular schedule as I don’t want to feel pressured during this time. If I give myself a deadline, I’ll fret when I don’t make it. So just know whenever there is news, I’ll update my blog as soon as I’m able. My hope and plan is for it to be at least once a week, but more often probably at the beginning when there is more to tell.

When will we be back to normally scheduled Krista-madness? I have no idea. It all depends on how little Annabelle does. My hope is that my blog can serve as the place for those who care to get updates, so I don’t have to send out a billion e-mails to everyone.

So, looking for an update today?

I don’t have much of one. I’m having contractions everyday now … they aren’t too hard though and they are sporadic. 5 minutes apart for a while, then they will slack off. Boys… forewarning… it’s gonna get girly for a second…

I went to the doctor yesterday and I was dilated just a little bit, maybe a 1, and at 30%, so we’re making a wee bit of progress!

I’m still praying she stays in there until her scheduled induce date, which is July 26th. But Annabelle may decide to rebel against our plans and come on her own, who knows! I have a TON of things to do though (mostly at my day job) so as much as I am ready to not be pregnant anymore, her holding off is appreciated. Not to mention my in-laws are coming into town that weekend before, and it will be SO helpful if they are here!

The biggest reason, though, is that we want her as close to full-term as possible. Technically that is now, but they’d like her to make it to 39 weeks so she is bigger and able to handle surgery better.

Plan for surgery #1 is within her first week, probably around day 4 or so, but SO many factors could change that.

So, there is my update. Thank you everyone for being SO SO SO very supportive through this. Your prayers, thoughts, and love throughout the last few months has been overwhelming for me, and appreciated more than you could know.

God bless you!



  1. You're in our prayers. I look forward to all the updates whenever you can manage them.

  2. Oh praying for you! But I must say to be purely selfish, I hope the baby is born TOMORROW, since that is my birthday. I will always remember her birthday that way. LOL, get plenty of rest and don't stress about a thing!

  3. Oh, girl, I just READ on Sarah's blog where she's RETURNING from a baby "sabbatical."

    Know that you are loved and blessed and take all the time y'all need!!

    But if you get bored, drop by my place and say hi! I'd LOVE to "hear" from you!


  4. I kept watching that baby ticker and can't believe it's almost here finally! Still praying for a MIRACLE! :O)

  5. You're in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs and blessings.

  6. Praying Annabelle will hold on until we get there!

  7. Erica, THANKS for your prayers!!

    Casey, Happy b-day 2 days late! Thankfully, she didn't come yesterday (granted my aching body wouldn't have minded, ha!)

    Patti, I LOVE to drop by. *sigh* I wish I had more time lately, and energy, *grin*. 10 more days!!

    Diane, yes, the ticker gets me excited to! ESPECIALLY since it is counting down until my DUE date, and we'll actually induce 6 days before that:-) It's kinda like when you set your clock for a later time and get excited when you realize it's not quite that late! Well, I guess that's opposite… hmmm…

    Karen, THANK YOU!!!!! I really appreciate it, and I am totally a hug person:-)

    Linda, you and me both!!!!

  8. It's great to get an update, Krista! I've been wondering how it's been going. I think your blogging plan sounds great! Maybe you can just tweet a notice whenever you do update your blog, so that we can all swing by to hear what's going on. I'm sure you're going to be incredibly busy in the next few months. But I know I for one will appreciate hearing how it's going so that I can keep praying for you! I can't believe how quickly the time has gone and that it's almost here!

  9. Jody, I will definitely notate updates on twitter:-)

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