Jessica from IL with Sandwich!

My first book has officially “released.” (I know, I know, I’ve been saying for months, this is no surprise!!!)

I now have…

wait for it…


*gulp* It’s an exciting yet humbling experience as an author to know that “people” are reading the book I poured much of my blood, sweat, heart, and yes, even tears into.

Since “release” day, I’ve spent a ridiculous number of hours pouring myself into trying to figure out ways to get my book into the hands of readers.

Without readers, an author is, well, broke for one thing, HA HA HA! But really, for me, I don’t write for myself. I write for Jesus, and pray that those who read my novels will be encouraged and challenged and entertained. Readers are key to that equation.

@caitvictoria21 via twitter!

So today… I celebrate YOU, the reader!!!

A few things you, my reader, have blessed me by saying about Sandwich in reviews…

“The book is quirky and throws a few curve balls that I wasn’t expecting” 

“I was expecting to like it, but it actually surprised me JUST how much I grew to love the story and characters!” 

Unlikeable characters, amateur writing, unrealistic conversations,
awkward Christian talk just thrown in makes a painful read and waste of
my money!” (Krista note: hey, it keeps me humble!! My book is not for everyone.)

Simon likes it!!!

“This is a delightful Christian romantic comedy with just the right
amount of angst to leave you feeling you have read a story with meaning”

“A great romantic love story that shows how much God loves us and wants to work all things together for our good!”

Some authors don’t read reviews to protect themselves, both from big heads and big blows. I’m not one of those. I enjoy knowing what people liked about my book. And it IS helpful to hear the constructive criticism as well. There were quite a few GOOD reviews that noted about a particular scene I left out of the book. I’d left it out on purpose, but looking back, I can totally see what they are talking about. No writer is perfect. We ALL have ways we can improve. And on the flip side, it’s nice to know what people are enjoying so I can make sure I “keep it up” in future books!

AJ… reading a backwards version, HA!

Now… what’s a celebration without a few door prizes, hmm?

To celebrate YOU, and in a nod to the upcoming holiday season, I’m giving away….

FIVE… count them FIVE Sandwich, with a Side of Romance books. These will be my own personal copies (vs ones sent from the publisher as all the previous giveaways on other blogs have been) that will include bookmarks and will be autographed be the author. *grin*

And as a GRAND prize…

Of course, it’ll be sandwich themed to include…

 – A BIG jar of Nutella
 – A $25 Subway giftcard
 – A Sandwich rubbermaid container
 – A SIGNED copy of my friend Kathy Harris’s book The Road to Mercy
 – A SIGNED copy of Sandwich, with a Side of Romance

In total it’s a $75+ value!

*Note* Since to enter you probably already HAVE a copy
of Sandwich… this would make a FUN Christmas present to someone
special! Or, if you just want an autographed copy, that’s cool too!

Riete…in the Netherlands!

How to enter

I’m trying something NEW! I’ve added something called a RAFFLECOPTOR to manage the giveaway. 

You’ll have THREE ways to get entries, and the rafflecopter will help guide you through!!!

HELP! I haven’t read Sandwich yet!

Yes, this giveaway is for Sandwich readers (one of the requirements for entry is to tell your favorite scene/line from Sandwich!) BUT!!! You have almost TWO WEEKS to enter, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to read it yet, now’s a fabulous time! You can enter up until end of day, Saturday, November 24th.

Alleycat Casey approved!

You can get a copy on Amazon,,, or at many local retailers. (I know most Lifeway’s have them… the one in Franklin, TN has 15 of them… and most of them I’ve input bookmarks in! I, uh, might or might not go there weekly to count them… *ahem*)

OR... another GREAT resource (as I know money is tight for a lot of us) is your local library! MANY libraries are carrying Sandwich, so that’s a great option for you as well. If they don’t carry it, ask them to! Since the book was reviewed in the Library Journal, most libraries either already carry it or have no problem ordering it in.

And finally….

THANK YOU, dear reader, for allowing me to share my story with you! 
Lifting my glass of sparkling grape juice to you, hoping for many more in the future, and praying for God to use each word for HIS glory.


  1. I am currently reading the book! Great job so far, Krista!

    1. Yeah! hope you enjoy it, RaeAnna!!!

  2. I need to leave a review in some places. I really, really enjoyed your writing and your characters! 🙂 Don't enter me in this giveaway, but I'll tweet about it.

  3. It has been a bit since I read the book, so I don't remember many specific scenes at this point. However, I do know remember that I loved the scene where Maddie spilled food in the Mayor's lap! It sounds just like something that I would do. Also, I enjoyed the yard sale scenes because it reminded me of Krista! 🙂

    1. LOL. Who me?? Bargain at a garage sale??? Never….

  4. Want to read this book. Hopefully, this will be my chance!!

  5. Krista,
    I preordered the book from Amazon so I've had it for some time … but I haven't read it yet. I know … shame on me! I've had god intentions; however, I 've been letting my books from the library take priority. Now, I have to read it! I've been thinking of giving your book as Christmas gifts to a few family members. It would be great to have an autographed copy to give. Also, I did request our library to order your book and they did! Maybe that wil linspire more readers to buy your books.

    1. Big Oops! Not "god intentions" but "good intentions". Also I'm hoping the couple of copies the local library ordered "will inspire", not "wil linspire" more readers to buy your book. I should have proof read before posting. *sigh*

  6. I haven't had a chance to read this yet, but this book is on my next to read list! I can't wait to ready it!

  7. Maggie's new faith and her prayers that were sometimes funny is what tugs on your heart. The prayers are real and that is how she expresses herself. I say you go Maggie!


  8. I think my favorite part from the book was when Maggie threw herself on top of Reubens car and demanded that Rueben tell Judy the truth about him falling asleep. Shows she was a determined young woman.

  9. I live in Long Island, NY and though I had preordered your book I had not gotten around to reading it yet so when Hurricane Sandy hit and we had no heat or power for a week I spent two nights reading it by flashlight while snuggled under a big blanket. The "don't give up" theme called out to me that week. Thanks for helping me through a tough week Krista.

  10. I loved the scene where she spilled the lunch…reminded me of my waitressing days. I actually did that.

  11. I loved the Callahans. They were so accepting of Maddie from day one. They were always gracious and never questioned her past or judged her. They inspired me!

  12. I meant to say the Luthers, not the Callahans. Sorry, it's been a while since I finished the book!

  13. I have several scenes I love. My first favorite scene was when Sarah and Maddie meet in the bathroom of the McD's and the subsequent meeting between Maddie and Sarah's mom, Allie.

    We all need a friend like Allie!

    1. I don't have a FB or Twitter account yet. If I get one before the contest is over, I'll be sure to post/tweet about your book.

  14. Ooh. Okay, I have put a copy on hold at the library and hopefully it will come in and I will find time to read it before the contest is over so I can enter. I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments though. It's a lot of fun to get a little sneak peek.

    1. It came in early and I was able to take it with us for Thanksgiving. This was great except I wasn't the best company lost in my book. It was all so good, but I think one of my favorites is when you she throws the money at him and tells him she quits. And I love the questions at the end too!

  15. In generally, I just love the entire story line and how well the characters mesh together. It is a beautiful story!

  16. I was surprised to see my smiling face as the first picture. lol

  17. What a fantastic giveaway! I thank you for it!


  18. I just finished reading this book in one day! I devoured Sandwich with a side of romance 🙂
    But choose a favorite part? Is it possible for one to do this?
    Well alright my most favorite part would have to be when Maddie was finally able to accept Reuben's love. It was great to see her evolve from a woman who distanced herself from other men besides her brother. It just really made me happy to see her finally allow God to change her view and accept love and help from others.
    Great job Krista! Will this be the last time we see Maddie and Reuben?!

  19. One scene I remember is the hair-cutting fiasco!

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