Like, really amazing.

I am in awe today of how GRAND He is.

I know this is a rare Tuesday post here, but I couldn’t wait!

News #1

I think my hubby has finally found a job! A full-time one… with benefits and a set, regular schedule. One that he can still work his part-time job with (although, honestly, I’m praying God still provides a way to do away with that part of the equation eventually… so I can actually, like see my husband from time to time and kiddos can see their daddy!)

He goes to orientation this week then training Monday/Tuesday, then should hopefully start full-time on Wednesday, as long as the other days go well.

News #2

I am going back to work.

Kinda, anyway.

My previous employer asked me if I would come back temporarily for just a few days a week. After praying about it shortly, I said yes.

Honestly, God had been preparing my heart for this.

It is just through January, and only a few days a week, but it will help our financial situation a lot. And honesty, without going into details, it needed a LOT of help. Not in the least the issue of our poor, limping along vehicles!

So yes, we are celebrating this, even while I’m in a lot of prayer about it. I struggle to handle everything as it is, so adding working 2 days a week to the pile will be… interesting.

But God’s timing is never wrong, and I’m trusting Him to work it all out!

News #3

Originally when I accepted, the idea was that Scott would just not work his current full-time job those days. His job was one that is super seasonable, so during late December and all of January, they have hardly any work anyway, so the part-time job would help to make up for the lost income.

So when he got news of his full-time, every day job, that left us with a decision, since we had no one to watch Annabelle those two days that I work.

Well, God answered that one too, like He always does!

A sweet friend of mine who lives just about two minutes from my house has offered to keep Annabelle for me. She has a little boy with special needs as well, so is totally used to giving meds and feeding with G-tubes. She is truly a blessing from God.

News #4

I know… could there be MORE??

My book is on sale. The ebook version on Amazon anyway. For $3.99.

And while that is cool in itself, I’ve had this crazy dumb dream (you know me and dreams…) of seeing my book, I really didn’t care which version, to show at some point in the “top 100” of a genre.

Maybe that’s dumb, but I’m a numbers girl, and it was just my personal dream.

And yesterday… would you liked to know what Jesus did in the evening, just as icing on a really cool day?

Yup. #98!!!!!!! (What’s even cooler, is that I looked about 20 minutes later and the #98 was no longer there… SO SO SO glad I captured it when I did, HA!!!)

I guess I need to make a new “dream” now, huh? (thinking maybe the paperback being in top 100 would be cool. or ebook in top 10? a girl can dream, right???)

Regardless… yup, big smile on my face today.

Thank you, Jesus, for much needed smiles.



  1. So much good news! What a blessing!!! So, so happy for you!

  2. wow that is amazing. God is so good!!! 🙂

  3. Awesome day in the Phillips house! So great!

  4. So happy for you Krista! 🙂

  5. Wonderful! Wonderful! I'm feeling a bit of a dream-drought here and this post gave me so much encouragement. And that was ON TOP of the happiness for you and your family experiencing all this goodness! I can completely understand the decision to return to work and that you were able to make the decision quickly. Love the way you worded it, "God had been preparing my heart." Blissings to all of you!

  6. Rejoicing with you, Krista! I hope your husband enjoys his new job.

  7. "Limping along vehicles"….I am cracking up. It's funny, because it's true! LOL!!! I have this mental picture of your green van (with the ceiling fabric hanging in all of your faces) just kinda coughing and jerking down the road. Oh man, good stuff!! It's kinda like the yellow banana we grew up with….you'll just never, never, never, never forget it!! 🙂

  8. Yay! I'm so happy for you, Krista! What wonderful answers to prayer! I hope and pray all goes well and the transitions will happen smoothly. If there are any bumps in the road, just remember this huge time of blessing and remember, He never changes.

  9. Hey, Krista! I don't usually comment here, but I'm the preschool teacher whose class sent Annabelle that huge stack of artwork when she was in the hospital pre-transplant. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know that I finally got to read the book and I LOVED it!!! I'm so glad you guys are doing well and enjoying a season of good news!

  10. Praise God, Krista! Great news!

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