Annabelle’s cath went well yesterday. She came through it just fine with no complications. They did find one small narrowing, however it can be fixed with her Glenn surgery.

They have decided to go ahead and schedule the Glenn as we thought. However, it isn’t as soon as *I* personally would have liked. I’m trying my best not to be frustrated. I KNOW Hospital time is NOT Krista’s time, nor is God’s timing Krista’s timing either. I’m trying to be okay with that. I’m trying not to hurry things. I’m just ready to make another good step forward. This stalled state is the pitts!

Anyway, they are looking at late next week and early the week after. Don’t have a specific date yet, not sure when they actually put it firmly on the schedule (although I’m well aware from past experience that on the schedule doesn’t mean a whole lot!! Surgeon’s schedules are sliding scales!)

So, until then, she sits on the ventilator… Mommy’s arms aching to hold her…

Oh, and I gave our nurse my blog site so she could check it out… so I can no longer bash on all the nurses here… HA! I never did that anyway… but I DO have to say that we have been blessed with WONDERFUL doctors and nurses here at Vanderbilt! I pray for them all a great deal as they take care of my Annabelle and all the other special little babies here.

THANK YOU ALL so very much for your prayers for my Annabelle!!! I REALLY appreciate them! Now, I’m off to work. Oh, the joys!



  1. Praying for patience and for things to speed up! =)

  2. Wow, Krista. This has been a very long haul for you. I just can't imagine how much your arms are aching (and your heart!). Hope you're managing everything. I'm praying for God to bless you with LOTS of peace!

  3. Krista, I'm so thankful the cath went well. Praise the Lord for Annabelle's caring, compassionate, competent medical team.

    Now I know why you're a writer. The Lord was preparing you for the arrival of your little princess. All your experience waiting for contest results and such can be your ally now. Just as we know to keep busy and not dwell on the final outcome when we're eager to hear if we made a finalist list, you're remaining focused on the tasks at hand: caring for your family, loving your tiny girl, and blogging so family and friends know how to pray.

    May the Lord hold you close as you remain obedient, go forward in faith, and love abundantly.

  4. I am so glad the cath went well. I will be praying for your girl, and for you. I do hope they are able to schedule her Glenn soon.

  5. Hopefully the surgery is next week instead of the following one! My sister-in-law did an internship down at Vanderbilt. Now she's at Riley Children's Hospital. I don't know how the nurses do it, seeing those tough situations every day. And I don't know how you're doing it, seeing your precious little one struggle. Praying God gives you patience and peace for the journey…

  6. Just want you to know, I have recently been following a couple blogs about heart babies. You posted on one tonight, baby Bowen. That is what brought me here. Then, I read your baby girl's name…and am reminded of my daughter. She is fine…her name is Annelise, and we call her Annie…I call her Anniebell. I have delivered premie babies and not been allowed to hold them. My Anniebell was the one of my three who was full term and came right to me after her birth. I LOVE all three of my babies…but having that bonding right away just made our experience extra special with my Annie. Thank you for sharing your life and experience with your daughter. I'll be keeping tabs on her and praying for her. How sweet those pictures are you posted recently…
    Prayers from Columbus, Oh.


  7. I'm glad the cath went well and I'm going to keep praying.

  8. So glad to hear that her surgery has been tentatively scheduled, Krista. I'm praying that you can take little Annabelle home with you soon.

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