That’s what it has been here lately! I’d say I’m catching my breath… but really, I’m not there yet! Just wiggling a bit of space in my day to catch up on my blog.

As I said in my last post, Annabelle’s cath went well. Zero rejection. She’s finally stopped puking (well, she did once today, but we’re back to normal puke, ha! Yeah, that shouldn’t be funny…)

She’s still a little cranky than normal, but she also has 2 teeth ready to pop through, so that might be contributing to her moodiness.

Garage sale was hectic but great on Saturday. I’m now finding everything around the house that I’d meant to sell in the sale, ugh!

Ran out of one of Annabelle’s meds today (grr!) so had to make the trek to Nashville to get it. (It is one I can only get there…)

Got the kids out to the van, and my sweet neighbor pointed out a flat tire. Fabulous. Ended up having to get 2 new tires (they were both on their last leg…er… tread…) that pretty much took up the money we made at the garage sale. BUT… at least we had it, right!?!

So yeah, it’s been quite crazy around here.

OH! And I mowed my lawn today. This might not seem like blog-worthy news, however I DO NOT MOW LAWNS, made sure hubby was well aware of this before he married me, so this was a huge act of love on my part. Hubby works 70 hour weeks and I feel bad asking him to mow it… I am, however, leaving the weed-eating up to him. Even my love has limits… (not really… but I really think hubby would rather do it anyway rather than to have my botched up job out there…)

Oh, and it’s spring break! Which means I have all of my kiddos during the day this week. I LOVE my kids and love spending time with them, but my schedule will enjoy them going back:-)


Some SUPER good news.

We have officially switched from having meds 4 times a day (6, 10, 2, 10) to only TWO, count them, TWO times per day!!!!!! (10 and 10)  Her two 3x per day meds were changed to 2x per day, so we were able to consolidate. While this is a HUGELY HUGELY good thing, it is taking some time to get used to it. I spend my mornings and afternoons having this horrible feeling that I’m forgetting something important, only to remember I didn’t need to give the meds!

Then one night, I almost forgot her 10 pm meds, which I have NEVER EVER done before. I even have an alarm for them, but my phone had been turned off. I woke up at 11:30 at night, sat up in bed and was like, “OH MY GOODNESS!”

I pray that is the only time I EVER do that. Really scared me:-(

Picture Catchup time… since I haven’t taken the time to post them in forever!!! (I have a couple other sets from earlier that I’m going to post on Wednesday… the page was going to take FOREVER for you all to load if I put them all on here:-))

Happy Annabelle!! Look at my cute teeth!!

Early morning of the cath… sleepy Annabelle!

What’s that bright light? Why am I waking up? HUH???
Mother… it is 6 a.m. Why are you in here waking me up with the flash of a camera? I MIGHT have to come up there and break that thing….

Lord Jesus, please make her stop!

Momma… you are so in timeout…
Waiting room… Just chewin’ on my shoes…
Holding room…. Just chewin’ on my crib…
Look!! I have a cute tongue!!!
Look!! No hands!!! (thanks for havin’ my back dad!)
Speaking of Dad… I really do love him!

Things you find in Nashville: Movie crews filming!
Other things you find near Nashville: Pink Elephants going down I65…
Reasons kids should not be in bed with cords… (note the oxygen and pulseox cords wrapped around Annabelle’s neck and arms twice… this is how I found her one morning!!! Not good!!!! At least her oxygen is monitored… if she strangled herself I would know pretty fast!)

A few days post cath… still not 100%. She likes to lay down on the floor at random times and just chill…


  1. Great pictures, Krista, and mostly good news. I'll say some extra prayers for you all on the spring break. Hope you can have some great and memorable times in spite of how complicated your life is.

  2. I hope Annabelle feels better tomorrow. She's so sweet. Such a blessing! I hope you get a great night's sleep too, Momma.

  3. Thank you for the great update and thanks for all the pictures… She is such a beauty!! Give her some love from us!

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