What’s on your night stand?

Ok, maybe it’s just me, but *usually* my current and most recent books on my nightstand before they go back on the book shelf.

Here’s mine:

Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter
Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter (Anyone hear an echo?)
Texas Brides by Multiple Authors (my cheap entertainment)
Book Proposals that Sell by Terry Whalin (read about a month ago & forgot to put it in the bookshelf!)
The Bible by God

I also just ordered three NEW books from Amazon that I am SUPER excited about:

Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell
Revision & Self Editing by James Scott Bell (there’s that rediculous echo again…)
For Better or for Worse by Diann Hunt

So, what’s on YOUR nightstand (or Amazon shipping log?)



  1. Right now I’m reading Love Starts with Elle–sooo good. I also read The Convenient Groom and loved it!

  2. I liked Convenient Groom too!! For some reason those, “get married because they have to not cause they love each other” and then they end up loving each other books always draw me. I’m not sure why!! I think because it is one of those things that is like, WOW, I can’t believe they were able to DO that! Can you imagine marrying someone like that?? How scary, and in some wierd twisted way, romantic!

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