I am getting old.

Actually, more like lazy. I have realized today just how lazy I am. I sit at work at my desk all day 5 days a week, only getting up to 1.) go to the copier (my printer is even at my desk so I don’t have to get up to print…) 2.) go to the break-room, usually for a Coke to keep me energized… 3.) go to the bathroom 4.) go to a meeting or 5.) go home.

When I come home, I make dinner probably about 50% of the time, my hubby does the honors the other 50%, and then I sit at the table to eat dinner. I then do some cleaning, or try to. But by that time I am tired. I usually plop myself down, check email, pay bills, check blogs that I like to read, of course keeping an eye on the kiddos playing as I do this. Depending on the time of year, sometimes I sit at the table and help Karalynn with homework, but she does pretty good at that herself. I then am up to give kiddos baths, and put them to bed. About 8:30, I plop myself down again and work on my writing.

So, I would say a very large portion of my day, I am sitting down. So today, when I took a day off of work, and worked in the Garage, went grocery shopping, and prepared for our annual garage sale in the morning, I was unprepared for the pain these expeditions would cause. Now, I am only 27 years old. I should not have pain over a little bit of walking and standing, but I must be completely honest and admit that my feet and back are screaming at me tonight.

I know this is a sign that I need to exercise more, and get out of my seat more, but this brings to mind the thoughts of one lady I met a few years ago. She was a temporary employee where I worked, and was very much into ‘new age’ and progressive views. She told me one day that I was an ‘old soul’. Being the sheltered person I was, I asked her what that meant. She proceeded to tell me that it meant that I had lived to an old age in a previous life and had a lot of wisdom that I carried over to this life.

Now, I think this is all a bunch of malarkey, and I noted to her that, no, I was in fact a very young soul. (she noted that she felt I had life figured out and was so settled and at peace with everything… I take that as a HUGE complement and pray that she finds the same peace through God!)

My point of this story, is that today I could almost be convinced that my body was an ‘old body’. Maybe just refurbished or something. Like an old car that had died, and God decided, oh, it could stand to be revived, shrunk it down, and gave it to a little baby, and it happened to be me. Maybe that is why it is so tired and worn out sometimes!!

But alas, I know that is dumb, and I know it is my own fault. I guess I need to resurrect out the old ‘buns’ and ‘abs’ of steel movies, and that dreaded ab cruncher.

Or maybe I just need to start going on more walks. (notice I didn’t say runs… I am not getting crazy here!)

Well, gotta go… I might go soak my poor sore feet….