I’m doing a rare Saturday post in honor of my friend, Christina Berry, so I can tell you about her AWESOME new book, “The Familiar Stranger.”

Short blurb about Christina–my fellow super spy woman!:

As a single mom and foster parent, Christina Berry carves time out of her busy schedule to write about the heart and soul of life. She lives with her family in rural Oregon. The Familiar Stranger is her debut novel. Get to know her better at www.christinaberry.net

And now a short blurb about her rockin’ awesome new book:

The Familiar Stranger—formerly known as Undiscovered—is about a couple going through a really rough patch in their marriage. When an accident incapacitates the husband, their relationship must be redefined. Which would be a lot easier to do if BIG secrets from his past didn’t raise their ugly heads. Despite the upheaval, the choices they make involving forgiveness and trust might allow a new beginning. Or … they might not. You can see the back cover copy and what other authors have said about The Familiar Stranger by going to http://www.christinaberry.net/books.aspx

And finally… my killer interview with her. *grin*

Christina… first, this is an important question. You see, I like twitter. And when I started on there I felt SURE I would find out all sorts of wonderful information about people, like if they preferred skim milk to 2%… Ate dry cereal or preferred scrambled eggs… if they used Crest or Colgate. But alas, no one tweets about these things! So… in interest of full-disclosure…. what type of toothpaste do you use? Inquiring minds want to know!

Colgate Total Whitening Paste. Not gel. I strongly dislike gel. I dislike it so much, I’m sure all my characters use Colgate paste as well. If I were to follow Donald Maass’ advice and have my character do something he or she would never do, it would be for him or her to use Crest gel toothpaste.

Phew. Glad we have that out in the open, although I’m a gel girl myself. So… tell us… how did you come up with this idea for a book?

In the summer of 2006, two stories appeared in the newspaper. One was a huge, national story; the other a smaller, local-interest item. I wondered what it might look like if those two stories conceived a child. Boom! I had the entire plot for The Familiar Stranger. It will be interesting to see if readers can figure out which stories inspired the book.

Ohhhh, anyone want to take a guess? Now, next question. What’s the BEST piece of advice you’ve ever gotten about writing?

(If you’ve been writing for years and have yet to get published, this is especially for you!) To start a new novel.

I’m a stubborn girl—just ask my parents. My mother and I reworked and reworked a co-authored story for eight years, each time putting our newly acquired writing knowledge/skills to use. We were determined that it wouldn’t end up in a box in the closet or shoved under the bed. I still love that manuscript, and it’s actually very close to selling as I write this, but it wasn’t until I took the advise of others far sager and experienced with writing to start a new novel that I finally made my first sale.

That’s good… now what about your worst?

At a Christian conference, I met with a New York agent. The conference doesn’t require the faculty to sign any kind of statement of faith, though it is blatantly Christian in tone. The man actually told me replacing “Jesus” with “God” would make an easier sale and not offend as many people.

With all due respect, excuse me? The very Cross itself is offensive. (See Galatians 5:11) I’m going to use the name of Jesus because in His name dwells power and glory and honor. And really, because when you love Someone, even His name is beloved.

I love your “excuse me?” note. I so picture you with your hands on your hips, givin’ a little attitude. LOVE IT!

Next… another twitter question… which I’m truely interested in because I just got a pedicure the other week and I’m not crazy about the color I picked. Favorite toe-nail polish color??

Silvery blue. The only color that doesn’t make me look even whiter than I am.

So… we are lovin your toes… your teeth…. and your book. Where can we find this awesome book for purchase?

Here are two links:


You can also have any bookstore order copies for you if they don’t have any in stock.

Last question. This is a THINK fast one. Okay, you’re plotting a book about Christina and Krista, world-renowned super spy women. Give me the elevator pitch. GO!

Moms by day, but what by night? Slipping soundlessly through the darks and lights, secretly doing the laundry of America under the cover of midnight, winning the undying gratitude of every overwhelmed parent everywhere … Krista and Christina–the Laundry Ladies!! [Insert picture of us in tights and with big “L”s on our chests. ;)]

***A few notes***

As part of her blog tour, Christina will be picking TEN people that comment during the month of September on any of the blogs featuring her book to get a copy of The Familiar Stranger, with the process repeated in October. So comment for your chance to win!

Also, she has a wonderful newsletter you can subscribe to as well on her website as well… (with a chance to win other stuff too! See her site for details!)

AND! Don’t forget to visit the next stop on the tour



  1. Krista, this was such a fun interview to read! You're awesome!!!

    And I am so very intrigued by Christina's book. I will definitely have to look into it AND I'll be watching and waiitng for a book . . . maybe even a series about Christina and Krista, super spy moms! What a hoot!

  2. LOL, Krista, you crack me up! You are so distinctive and so YOU! I love it!

    I want to be a part of your Laundry Ladies!!! Or better yet, let's start some more…
    Bakin' Babes
    Washin' Women
    Moppin' Moms
    Sweepin' Sassy Gals
    Kitchen Queens
    Bill Master Mistress
    Dustin' Bunny Divas

    Okay, I'll quit with the fun! What a rocking interview! I've been seeing this book around lately and it looks great!


  3. Krista: You crack me up–it's good I don't have a full bladder right now, or… never mind.

    I'm so glad I popped over to your blog tonight to read about Krista's toenails and teeth routine, because I am hosting her on my blog October 21st. I'd love to win a copy of her book so I can read it before I do the post!

    Love the photo of you two!


  4. Oops. jeanettelevellie(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. This was GREAT fun! Thanks for hosting me. And I still like you even if you do brush with *shudder* gel. 🙂

    Sherrinda, every good supper hero needs a manager … maybe you can be ours?

    Thanks for your kind words, Jen and Jeanette.

    And here's an idea, Jeanette. If you can't afford a copy right now and you don't win in the first drawing, ask your local library to order a copy. Actually, ask anyway! Then, if you like it, try your best to convince ONE other person to buy it and it's as if you bought one. 😀

  6. Oh Christina, you must pick me!! I tried to buy a copy at the conference, but POOF, they had all disappeared! What a fun problem to have – you sold out!

    Great interview, too!

  7. I'm a Dr Christopher's Tooth Powder gal! How do you that for non-gel or paste action on the teeth!

    Thanks for spotlighting this AWESOME person, who happens to be a writer! She's one of my favs, and I'm not alone.

  8. Love this interview! You both did a great job. What a hoot! Made me want to buy the book and hang out with you two super women.

  9. Ok! I'm loving the book! Will be buying another book tomorrow! My neighbor borrowed my first copy, I warned her about the page number I had trouble with but told her to keep reading once she gets to it! She drove past my house and yelled out her window that the book was good! Well, duh!

  10. I know what the news stories that inspired her are from, only because I called my friend the minute I read the last page with slight concern for my friends mental health :-). Only a mind like hers would go the places this book goes. What a great page turner with surprises and twists around every corner.

  11. Ahaa! I love her blurb! Too funny. 😉

    I'm a gel girl too, didn't know there was such a thing as paste??

    Have a great day!

  12. Oh, oh, I love the elevator pitch for the super-spy women!

    Delightful interview. When can we expect the super-spy novel to launch? Sign me up for the blog tour.

    Please enter me in the contest.

    susanjreinhardt (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. So glad everyone enjoyed the interview!

    Sherrinda… awesome ideas for titles! I'm thinking a whole series on supermoms… although Bakin' Babies worries me a bit. I guess we do call them "In the oven" before they are born… LOL

    Christina… If you ever want to co-write a laundry ladies book, I'm so your girl. LOL. Even though I'm horrible at doing laundry. (as I type… a load is in the washer where it's sat all day. UGH)

  14. Silvery blue, huh? Christina's such a red hot mama, I would have guessed something with a name like "Untamed Passion", "Tropical Heat", or "Hubba Hubba"!!!:) Great interview!! Now I can picture her picking up her toothPASTE to brush her teeth before falling into bed after a night of other people's laundry!!

  15. This is on my "to read" list! I caught an interview with you on Jody Hedlund's blog and your book intrigued me right away!

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