What a day!

We had our first clinic visit today. *sigh*

First, as we were trying to get ready to leave, Annabelle had a spell. She was coughing a lot, and she sounded really really junky, which isn’t good for her, and just looked pretty pale and ucky. I hooked her up to her pulse oximeter and her SATS were low 80’s and dipping occasionally to high 70’s. NOT good for a heart transplant baby that should have >90’s (preferrably >93) SATS.

What I REALLY needed to do is spend some time holding her, beating on her back, and trying to unclog the gunk in her lungs. But we needed to leave for clinic, and I was worried that maybe something WAS wrong, so we upped her O2 to the point where she was in high 80’s at least, and packed her, her feed pump, her oxygen, and her oximeter in the car and rushed to the hospital. I was nervous to say the least!

But she was had better color by the time we got to the hospital, and when they checked her, she was SATing 100, so WOOHOO for that! She was still junky, but even while we were at the hospital, she was slowly improving.

I was SO nervous that they wouldn’t let us go home, but they did.

However, the doctor just called back. The labs they took weren’t great at all. She asked a bunch of questions, and said we could stay here, but to come back to the ER tonight if anything looked fishy at all, and we have an appointment at 1:00 tomorrow, but can come in earlier if we are worried.

We are making 2 pretty big changes to her meds tonight to try to help her electrolytes get better by tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE pray that the changes make the desired effects! One of them is cutting her night-time dose of lasix. Please pray that this helps and doesn’t make her MORE junky (Lasix helps her rid her body of fluid so it doesn’t build up in her lungs… it is really important with her chronic lung disease.)

I’m a little nervous if they aren’t better tomorrow, that they might want to admit us for the weekend. We can’t go to get “rechecked” over the weekend, and since it is a long weekend with a monday holiday…

Other than that, we had a good day! (I want to laugh right now typing that!)

I took a LITTLE nap after we got home, maybe an hour, but at least I slept for probably the longest period of time since coming home. Annabelle took a GREAT nap too. She fell asleep on the way home from the hospital (2ish), and slept till 6:30!

No pictures… hopefully will post some tomorrow… Too many things to do!! But she’s cute… I PROMISE!



  1. Oh man, definitely praying. Take care, Krista.

  2. Saying a prayer for y'all! I hope the med tweaks do the trick and you can keep your sweet girl at home and feeling great 🙂

  3. Praying for you tonight! Even though it's in short snippets, I hope you're enjoying sleeping in your own bed. 🙂

  4. My prayers are with you.

  5. I will definitely be praying!

  6. Praying for the changes in the meds to help your sweet Annabelle, I have no doubt she is cute!!!!

    Praying for a wonderful evening with no stress.


  7. Oh, Krista – I wish I could give you a hug, take the girls to the park, sleep for you..something! But "all I can do" is pray! I want you to know that your life is an encouragement to me….I don't think I can accurately explain this in a blog…but today was a rough day (different kind of rough than yours) with our 17 kids (14 adopted) and sitting down here at my computer to journal tonight I looked first at your blog…anxious for an update from home! Watching you keep on keeping on gives me a push in that direction too! Thank you! Julie Zaragoza

  8. I just bet she is at her cutest! Definitely praying for a miracle on her behalf so they'll be no cause for alarm. Prayers ~ Lis

  9. Praying for you all! And really hoping you will get some more sleep!

  10. Will continue to pray. Thanks for the update so we can know specifically how to pray.

    Though I'd love to see pics of Annabelle, I know there is a lot for you to do and rest your body needs. The pictures will keep, and I promise there will still be "oooh's" and "aahh's", no matter whenthey get posted.

    Hang in there!

  11. So happy to hear Annabelle is staying home!

    Have a blessed weekend as a family, your first weekend at home!


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