So, I had a kinda crummy week. I won’t go into details, but by the end of it, I felt like I’d been run over by a steam wheeler and I was ready to just lock myself in Annabelle’s room and not come out until heart-day. Almost literally.

I took Friday off work and registered Gabby for KINDERGARTEN, and spent some good time with her, so that was fun and MUCH needed!

Then I saw all my girls Friday night, and that was fun too.

Then the fun REALLY started. Friday night, the nurse informed me that she had gotten permission for Annabelle to take her VERY FIRST WAGON RIDE around the ICU! I was STOKED! We planned to decorate her wagon and take the trip the next afternoon.

Then, as I was kissing Annabelle goodnight and getting ready to go back to the Ronald McDonald House, I looked down after kissing Annabelle and I saw IT!


Annabelle smiled for the FIRST time since she was TWO MONTHS OLD! It was a big ol’ grin too!!! I didn’t get a picture of it… I was too busy squealing then she was like, “Mom, what’s your problem?” But it was there, and that is what mattered!

I spent the morning with my Karalynn at her DI tournament, then during a long afternoon break, we came back here, decorated Annabelle’s wagon, and went for a ride! This was the first time Annabelle has been out of her room since her MRI, and the first time EVER out of the room and out of her crib at the same time!

So, I feel like God knew that I needed something to smile about this weekend, and He did so in a big way! I gotta get going, but wanted to post some wagon pictures really quick!!!

Annabelle’s Chariot!!

Princess is GOING to be on board!

The princess and her wagon!!

Her streamers hanging off the back (her wagon is a work in progress…)

 The queen… the old princess… and the baby princess.

Annabelle and our 2 honorary princesses, Rachel (our primary day nurse) and Brittany (our, uh, primary RT… although there isn’t such a thing… but she might as well be!!) They worked SO hard to make our wagon ride possible! THANK YOU!!!!!!



  1. Hooray! Glad the wagon ride was fun!

    Always praying,

  2. We have totally had weeks like that! I'm so glad you got to have such a great weekend after the bad week! It helps so much with the nerves. 🙂 Yay for Annabelle's Smile!!! I bet it was awesome!

  3. Oh, Krista, you've set m to crying again, only this time it's big ol' sloppy tears of joy. Seriously, I've got streaks on my reading glasses now. =D

    Your excitement leaps off the screen and into my heart. I'm sooooo grateful the Lord gave you and Annabelle this gift. Please tell Rachel and Brittany I say thanks, too. What wonderful young women they are to do so much for your little princess.

    I'm thrilled that Annabelle smiled and that you feel like smiling today, too.

  4. Aw, that's so sweet! That's awesome to hear Annabelle smiled again! I bet you've missed her smiles.

  5. Krista ,you don't know me but I have been following your blog since I found your link on Bowens website and I have been praying for Annabelle daily and for you and your family. I want you to know that you have been a blessing to my life and so many others through your faith in God through all of this .SOOO very glad that she gave you a smile! God bless you , Aleisha

  6. Awe!!!! That is so precious!!!

  7. How fun! I am so excited for Annabelle and her little trip. And look at all the stuff she had to take on the trip! Goodness…that just makes the trip all the more special. We are praying for that new heart!

    p.s. Sorry about your crummy week. May this next week be full of smiles and joy.

  8. I have to agree…tears of joy!
    What a beautiful story. a smile and a wagon ride!

    BE BLESSED! Still praying in Canada.

  9. Krista
    We have never met but my four little girls (2, 4, 7,8) and I have been following your family and praying for each of you for the past few months. Tonight we rejoice at your little girls smile!!! (my oldest close to tears!) Jesus loves Annabelle so much! My heart ached for you when I read a response you had made on Bowen's blog about longing for a smile. I just praise God for such a gift! Oh Krista what an amazing mama you are! We will continue to pray for all of you!

  10. Oh, Krista, how sweet! I'm glad Annabelle had a happy moment and a fun ride.

  11. She is sooo cute!!! yay!! for the smile! Have a blessed rest of your weekend and the wagon is adorable!

  12. Karen — THANKS!

    Elizabeth — It does help with the nerves… if anything it was just getting my mind "off" things for a while:-)

    Keli — tears of joys are the best! Will relay the message to R&B

    Christin — I missed them like CRAZY!!!

    Aleisha — THANK YOU so very much!!! Bowen is SUCH a little cutie… we are SO glad he is doing so well! I've prayed for a long time that God would use us through this, so to read your words touched me greatly. THANK YOU for that!

    Casey — thanks… we think she is!! 🙂

    Sherrinda — yes… she had a TON of stuff, both frivolous and needed! Annabelle taking a wagon ride is NOT an easy task, but WELL worth it!

    Anon — THANK YOU for your prayers from Canada!!

    Angie — I feel so unamazing most days… but I serve a VERY amazing God who gets me through each day! THANK YOU for your prayers, and for your children's prayers as well! They mean the world to us, they really do!

    Susan — THANKS! It was a blast!

    Jessica — THANKS! I think she's pretty darn cute too:-) Not that I'm biased or anything…

  13. Yeah! I love the fact that Princess Annabelle gave you a smile! Just when you needed it, too. God is good! Love the "Princess Chariot" and the pics, too! Maybe you can get a pic the next time Annabelle smiles.

    We're still praying.

  14. Sprry, I had to delete. Too many typos 🙁
    I'll try again …

    Wonderful news and amazing photos! Wow, I'm so glad for you all!
    Little princess is looking great!

    Praying als always!

  15. Yes, I know, it's late here. LOL
    Sppry means sorry of course …

  16. Awww! That's so wonderful. I'm sure she had an amazing time. 🙂

  17. Krista,

    I was wondering how you were since you hadn't posted and am glad you are feeling much better.
    Such good news to hear about the smile. That had to be the brightest smile you've ever seen!!


  18. What fun! A princess in a chariot!
    So sorry you had a bad week last week and praying this one will be better with many more smiles coming your way!

  19. WAHOOO for little A and her very first wagon ride! May there be many, many more.

    Krista, I'm praying for sweet Annabelle and for you, your husband, your other children and extended family.

    God bless you, sweetie.


  20. Not sure if you re-read your blogs. In the one picture with Annabelles finger pointing up. It looks like. This is my mommie pray for her too. Or pointing to Jesus.

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