Lookie, Lookie! We’ve moved up to a
BIG GIRL swing at the park!!!!!!!

I haven’t shared a true “Annabelle” update lately…

And she’s DEFINITELY earned her own blog post lately!!!

This last week has been like a new Annabelle in my house. I mean, she’s always super cute, but since the last time she was sick, she’s been a BIG cranky-butt. Just generally more fussy than normal, crying when she gets up for the day/up from nap, and having a manic need to lick EVERYTHING and screaming when she doesn’t get exactly what she wants, when she wants it.

I know. Some of this seems like normal 2 year old stuff… but it is most certainly not normal Annabelle stuff, not her everyday anyway. It’s been a difficult month trying to handle this new, not-so-happy all the time little girl. She still had her happy moments, but they were much fewer than normal. She also wasn’t making many strides in any of her therapy, which was frustrating.

She made up for it this week though!!! On Monday, I went in to get her up from nap, bracing myself for her screams.

Instead, I found a BIG huge smile and her jumping up and down, exciting to see me.

I thought… a fluke?

Nope. Tuesday morning, the same thing! HAPPY Annabelle.

And yesterday at her PT and OT appointment… she ROCKED IT!!!! She just did SUCH a good job, was full of energy, and this Momma was so proud of her!

And then…. oh my goodness. Annabelle has decided that the funnest thing to do is take things “out” of containers. Including all books off the bookshelf. ALL toys out of the toybox. ALL clean clothes out of the laundry basket. ALL socks (that I desperately need to match…) out of the sock-basket.

So last night, she was tossing socks and Mommy caught her in action.

“Annabelle, you put those socks back and clean-up, clean-up right now.” Mommy said with a stern voice.

Annabelle just looked at me like, “huh?”

Mommy put a sock in her hand and helped her put it back in the basket. “See? Like this. Clean up.”

Then my sweet baby proceeded to put EVERY single sock back in the basket… while humming the clean-up song! You know the one… “Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share….”

Yup, she went through the whole song twice… and Mommy hadn’t even started to sing it like I usually do!

I was more than a little proud of my sweetie! She may not talk… but she can hum (and pretty in tune as that!)

Oh, and she’s found out how COOL a mirror is too…



  1. Don't you just love it when they discover the baby/child in the mirror? So much fun!

    1. YES!!! Before this she'd just looked at it and was like, "What in the WORLD is that other girl doing…??" And now she totally understood and was being SO goofy!

  2. Rejoicing with you about Annabelle's great week and her progress. Your little princess is growing up. 🙂

    1. *sniff* I know!!!!! I'm SO loving her growing up though. I know it will go by fast… but I think because her life has never been easy and each day felt like such a fight… instead of mourning her growing, it's a SUPER celebration!!!

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