I PROMISE this is my Moses analogy for a while!

Don’t you love it how Moses argued with God? “But… But… I can’t talk good, God! Surely someone else can do a better job.”

I always think, “HOW DARE HE QUESTION GOD!” but then I stop and realize how MANY times I do the same.

GOD “Krista, just do it.”

ME “But why?”

GOD “I said so.”

ME “But you have to have a reason.”

GOD “I do.”

ME “So what is it?”

GOD “You don’t need to know.”


GOD “No, sweety, you don’t”

ME “grrrr”

GOD “Did you just growl at me? You know I’m God right? Do I need to bring out the lightning? I will, you know.”

ME “Okay, fine. You’re right. What do you want me to do again?”

GOD “Go.”

ME “Are you sure? I just need to be SURE you are asking me”

*God glares… and I go.


Discussion: Do you ever argue with God?



  1. Yes, and he always wins! But I do think in today’s culture it’s so easy to find ways to justify everything WE want to do and then tack on the phrase, God is leading me. Being sensitive to God’s voice usually means we have to be living in close communion to him. What he asks us to do is often the opposite of what we want (or often hard!). Don’t you think?

  2. Amen to what Jody said! He always, always wins and alot of the time I don’t understand until much later. lol I’ve had conversations like that so often…

  3. You know it! It’s hard to always do what he’s asking, but we can do it.

  4. Krista:
    I’m so glad I popped over here today; i knew the Lord was telling me to! HA, I obeyed for once!

    For me, faith is ‘just doing it’ even if I don’t know the reason, or don’t feel like it.
    It’s a DAILY struggle!

    Thanks for the post, Jen

  5. I do sometimes and then never seem to realize it until I see someone else doing it or a good amount of time has past. It’s good to have reminders like this to let us know that, for good and bad, God is still faithful and in charge.

  6. Yeah! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that struggles with this!

    Jody: YES! He DOES always win! Although, like those stubborn isrealites, sometimes our stubbornness makes us have to roam in a desert for 40 years until he brings us full circle again. I would SO rather just do it the first time around!

    Sherrinda: You are so right! Some things I doubt we’ll even get until we are with Jesus. *sigh*

    Lotusgirl: We CAN do it! (think little engine that could!)

    Jeanette: WOOHOO!!! Obeying God and coming to my blog… I LOVE it! Faith is just doing it without knowing a reason or having an explaination. And it IS a daily struggle… we’ll keep each other accountable kay!?

    Cindy: God is so faithful and IS in charge. Thank you JESUS!

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