Easter is almost here… and it’s yet another holiday Annabelle will spend in the hospital. There had originally been talk last week about us being home by Easter, but I had doubted it even then.

But we aim to make it a GOOD Easter!

Some of you may remember that at Christmas, we were praying very hard to come home. The doctors said we “might” be able to make it, and the last week before Christmas, all signs pointed toward it. We were all praying, preparing, and were SO SO excited. They were allowing her to come home on CHRISTMAS eve and spend as much time at home as she could stand (they forewarned us that we might only be home a few days or a week… but we were okay with that!)

Christmas Eve came. We were ready with all the home equipment, perscriptions filled and everything. I woke up early that morning though, and took a look at Annabelle’s monitor. Her heart rate was high, a typical Annabelle sign that she had a fever. We did not go home for Christmas… in fact four months later have still not been home.

I realized later that I’d changed what Christmas was about. Christmas 2010 was Mission: Get Annabelle Home. Not Mission: Celebrate Jesus’ Birth. I was deeply humbled.

So this Easter, we are still here in the hospital, post transplant, and waiting yet again to go home I’m determined to make this NOT about Annabelle, but about the amazing gift that God gave us.

It isn’t lost on me that the life-saving gift a family gave in their time of grief is not unlike the life-saving gift God gave. Instead of Easter revolving around getting Annabelle home, I want Annabelle’s story to point to Jesus, to remind us all that Easter isn’t about eggs, bunnies and chocolate, but about sacrifice and love and the new life we can receive if we accept Jesus’ gift.

I won’t go into a long salvation message… because I am NOT a preacher and besides, most of you reading this already know Jesus, but I pray that if you think about Annabelle this weekend, that she reminds you of the life that was given to give YOU a new heart. And if you don’t know Jesus… MAN you are missing out. Know that He loves you no matter how battered and broken your heart is.

Because God is HOPE, and God is LOVE.



  1. beautifully put! that smile melted me

  2. As always, a beautiful post <3 Happy Easter and blessings to your beautiful family.

  3. Beautifully said, Krista, but oh my – that smile! The minute I opened this page her smile melted my heart.

  4. Well said and very true! So thankful she's doing well. God bless!

    Fellow Heart Mom,
    Kammy Dyer

  5. Thank you Krista. God uses you as a vessel to speak to us.

  6. This is beautiful. Have a wonderful Easter with your sweet baby girl!

  7. Beautifully put, Krista! (You are a good preacher! 😉

    May Easter with your family be blessed by the Lord!


    You're awesome, KP. Just know that. 🙂

  9. It's amazing…she looks SO good. Every time I see a picture of her now, I am in awe. Honestly, I wasn't sure what was normal (developmentally) for a heart baby who has been in the hospital her entire life. She looks so pink and strong; a new heart is an awesome thing. I will take your advise and work on mine too. Happy Easter.

  10. Beautiful… I love how your heart is so focused right where it should be…

  11. So beautiful, Krista. Your heart is so lovely in Christ! May He bless you for that!

  12. A beautiful blog, Krista!

    Oh my, Annabelle looks so much better now. She's always been beautiful but now she's gorgeous! That smile is right from heaven …

    I wish you and your family a very blessed Easter ♥

  13. WOW! what a wonderful easter message. [I am thankful that I have a new heart in Jesus] thank you as always for being a blessing. Annabelle's smile is beautiful.You all are in our continued prayers. God Bless you and Happy Easter.

  14. Thank you for the reminder about the new heart we have all been given through Jesus if we accept it! We are continuing to pray for Annabelle's complete healing. Looking forward to having a new neighbor soon. 🙂

  15. Amen Krista! Both pictures of Annabelle are adorable! She is looking SO much better and it's great to see her laughing! It broke my heart a couple months ago when you'd said she hadn't smiled since she was two months old. Poor baby has been through so much. I praise God He for what He has done for your precious little girl!

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