I’ll have a more detailed Annabelle update tomorrow (with potentially some pretty big news!)… but thought I’d share her Halloween pictures today.

Enjoy, and be safe! Let JESUS have the glory today!!

Someone made little hats for the babies at the hospital. Isn’t it adorable??? Bless those people… Incidently, they also passed out halloween customes the other day so ALL kiddos at the hospital would have one, as I’m sure many can’t afford it. I’m not a huge Halloween holiday lover (besides stealing Milky Way’s from my kids treat bags…) but I LOVE that they take such good care and try to make things *normal* as possible for these little ones. A HUGE thankyou to everyone who volunteers and donates!

On Friday, they did a reverse trick or treat where people came to the KIDS rooms and handed out fun stuff! This was Annabelle’s loot! Rascal Flats also came and visited the kids too. Unfortunately, I didn’t know all this was taking place and was at work on Friday so missed the festivities:-(

This is *my* halloween costume that I got Annabelle. She’s our little ballerina. How the tutu is like a size 3 so clearly it is too big on her… but I figure she was just laying down in the bed anyway… AND!!! Aunt Christine bought her a REAL tutu that actually FITS her! We can’t WAIT for another photoshoot to show it off!!

Yes, the flower is about the size of her head. We like it that way, okay? (I’ve gotten a lot of teasing about that flower, ha!)



  1. Oh my gosh I think that is the cutest thing EVER!!! I'm still keeping you guys in my prayers. I think about you all the time.

  2. That is ADORABLE!!! PRaying you get to share some good news tomorrow Krista!

  3. She is adorable. I believe you are in the same hospital as another friend of mine because they too had a reverse trick or treat and Raskal Flats visited. Small world, huh?

  4. Hey, I LOVE that flower! Nothing wrong with that. 😉

  5. I think that flower is ADORABLE!

  6. What a precious little ballerina!.

  7. She is absolutely adorable!!!! LOVE the ballerina costume and that hat is too cute!

  8. Krista, she's so precious.
    Love the LOVE being lavished on you by those in the hospital.


  9. What a doll! I love the pink tutu. I agree that the volunteers and those who donate to the hospital are such blessings. Our Daniel still "holds tight" to his Elmo and Thomas the Train "blankie" he received during his hospital stay for the fontan.

    We still continue to pray for Annabelle, (as well as, Mom and Dad). 😉

    We look forward to the news tomorrow.

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