Not a lot of news to report today. Ran a really bad fever almost all day yesterday… she cried and screamed a good bit of the day. We finally tried Motrin again and it helped. At one point she was desating and looking a little blue, but I think she had just had it with everything at the moment, but it is scary when all the doctor’s are around her calling out orders and listening to make sure her shunt is still working. *sigh*

Still no reason for the fevers. To my knowledge, nothing has “grown” on the viral or bacterial cultures that we took. White blood cell counts and CRP counts are still normal, giving a good sign that it isn’t an infection.

While that is GOOD… it is still beyond frustrating, as we have no idea what is causing it. We pulled her PICC line on monday… but it is wednesday and still having fevers. Will be discussing her medicines today to see if we can DX any or change any to see if they are the cause.

My in-laws came in for New Years… got in yesterday. Please pray for my mother-in-law, she is getting over a cold. She is feeling MUCH better but still coughing some. They waited a day longer to come to make sure she was “over” it though.

Here are some pictures… this is the biggest reason I’m posting today since really I have no more news. I just like share pictures of my little love!

 Mommy and Annabelle snuggling. She wore that outfit for about one hour before we had to take it off due to another fever. I have told them though, that I am not keeping her “naked” when she is without a fever though… she should be able to wear clothes and not run a fever, so if she is 99.9 and naked… that’s probably a fever clothed! We do, of course, undress her when she spikes her 102 and 103’s…

 Sitting in her bouncer…

 I took this picture because of her crazy hair day… but she was really feeling crummy, as you can probably tell. Her eye is peeked open like she’s saying, “Let me tell you where you can shove that camera right now, Mother…”

 Again, not a pleasing picture I know. But there is a story behind it. Annabelle LOVES to chew on her fingers on her right hand. However, because we pulled her PICC line, they had to put in an IV so we could run her antibiotics (which probably aren’t needed since they don’t think we have an infection but they are running just in case…) Anyway, ever since they put her IV in, she’s been NOT HAPPY. She does not have her fingers to suck on, so she keeps trying to and ends up beating herself in the face with her no-no. We put the sock around it to help soften the blow. As you can tell, she is not at all pleased with this arrangement! She just got down trying to suck on the sock… it didn’t go over well!

 She’s a little calmer now… Yeah!

Annabelle playing with her new Lion she got from Santa! She felt better yesterday evening finally… until she was 102 at 2 a.m. this morning.



  1. Krista,
    We are still praying for Annabelle. We hate to hear that she is still spiking fevers. We will pray for God's wisdom for the doctors as they treat her and God's strength and peace for you.

    Love the picture, once I knew the story, with the "boarded" IV arm with the sock. My little HLHS child is a finger-sucker, too. I know about the unhappiness it can cause when not able to access those "security" fingers. (He still has this problem at age six. 😉

    We'll keep praying.

  2. Still praying a cause is found for the fevers or they just stop all together. Also praying for your MIL and that her cold bug didn't follow her completely.

    And we love the pics so post away.

  3. She is just too sweet. I'm praying for her fevers to cease, but I wonder if you're about to see a tooth start breaking through. I know the medical community tends to swear up and down that teething doesn't cause fevers, but they should listen to millions of moms… I pray it's something that minor.

    Praying for peace for y'all too.

  4. Praying for Annabelle's fevers to go away – and for Mom to get more rest.

  5. Krista, I hope the doctors are able to discover the cause of the fevers so they can put a stop to them.

    I wish your mother-in-law a speedy recovery. I'm sure she's eager to be 100% so she can cuddle her newest granddaughter.

  6. I've prayed for Annabelle and your MIL!

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