*sigh* We are back in the hospital… but hopefully only for the night.

Annabelle slept ok last night sndkept her sats up on the higher O2. but this morning, she looked even more puffy to me and was still grunting when she breathed. on and off. so we called the doctor and came in around noon.

EKG and echo were unchanged from Friday. Mommy breathed easer hearing that. But chest xray was wetter than normal, and there was a spot of plural effusion (basically fluid in her chest cavity) that wasnt there before. So… they decided to admit us, give her a spot dose of IV lasix, and redo labs in the morning. Plan is to go right back home tomorow.

There is one BIG thing that could change that. They also did a BNP which gives us an idea if she is in heart failure. Last time we had one was after we were out of the hospital and it was trending down and at 900. (We want it < 100) Today it is 1400. It might be from the fluid isue, but if it isn’t better by tomorrow, they will fear rejection again and might order a 3 day steroid course. Please pray it is better tomorrow!!!!!!!

Right now, we are still planningto celebrate her birthday on Sunday. Obviosly that is subjext to change. *sigh* Taking it one day at a time again… kinda fitting given our last yearf!

Thanks everyone for praying. Oh…. I apologize for and crazy typos…. posting this from my phone isn’t simple! Hope to post an update tomorrow night from homr.



  1. Praying fervently to our Father to heal Annabelle and bring her home for her grand birthday celebration. Remember Isaiah 41:10!

  2. Praying for the Little Miss right now…

  3. We're praying here. We're asking that Annabelle could be home for her birthday.

  4. Praying for Miss Annabelle!

  5. I'm praying for sweet Annabelle!

  6. Oh no! Will be praying most definately, Krista!!

  7. Praying that the BNP goes down and that it's just a fluke issue from the fluid!

  8. I'm sorry to hear Annabelle's in the hospital again. Praying she's not in rejection and that Princess Annabelle gets to go home in time for her ball 🙂

  9. I'm praying for your family. Thank you for taking the time to keep us posted about all that is going on with Annabelle. May God's comfort and his power transcend all worry and fear!!

    Many hugs!

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