Yesterday was our final roadtrip day.
We left Chicago about 8, arrived at Joan’s house at about 5:30, Esther’s house a little after 6, and I finally arrived home at 7.
It was a long day!
A few notes about our journey.
We were deep in conversation about Joan’s book from the revolutionary war time period that we missed our exit from I57 to I24.
We took just a little detour.
What did we see on our detour?
Well, we could have gone to Egypt, but decided not to.

We went to Italy instead.

But, 15 miles later, we arrived back on I24. No harm done! (although it was a God thing that my mind clicked to our missed exit when we did, otherwise we’d have been in Missouri before long!)

We didn’t take a lot of pictures on our last day, we were all three pretty much tuckered out.
But… below are a few pictures that didn’t make the other posts for your perusal.
Thanks for everyone who took the time to pray for us on our trip! It was an adventure, and we had lots of fun stories, but are all glad to be back with our families and to a semblance of normal life. The good Lord brought us through and His will prevailed. God is good, ALL THE TIME! Amen?!
Additional Pictures:
Grand Ballroom ceiling view…
Sheaf House publishing crew (minus Michelle Sutton… she disappeared!)
Tiff and Stuart Stockton (aka mommy and daddy to be!)
Krista and Georgiana… ACFW Forum buddies!
Esther and Kim Vogel Sawyer


  1. Wow, Krista. That a road trip for you. Thanks for sharing it. I hope to get to meet you at next year’s conference in Denver!

  2. It was nice to finally meet in person!!!

  3. Krista, the conference looks fabulous! So glad you were able to go. Hope you found lots of friends, information, and ideas.

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