Annabelle is home. Currently she’s sitting at the kitchen table with me, “licking” daddy’s salad leaves and goldfish and crackers. While she is MUCH MUCH better, we’re having to feed her very slowly and at a low calorie amount because her digestive system still is not handling things as well as it should. But she is greatly improved, and we are so thankful for your prayers!!

So yes, it’s a good Friday to have Annabelle home!

But… nothing compares to the real reason today is GOOD.

It’s the day we remember our GOOD God giving the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Jesus gave his life so we could live. My sweet Annabelle has brought the reality of that into such a clear view for me. Sometimes it is easy to live life and not remember that sacrifice that gave us spiritual LIFE… especially for those of us, like me, who grew up in church. I’ve heard the Good Friday and Easter story for 32 years. Not that it isn’t special, OH MY GOODNESS, it is. But it is just easy to get wrapped up in life and lose focus, you know?

But with Annabelle, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t watch her take a breath, or give me that silly grin she has, or stomp her feet so she can see her shoes light up… that I don’t remember that the only reason she breathes today is because of a life that was cut short. And each time, I’m struck with the immenseness of a God who we have turned our back on more than once, who has been cursed and beaten and betrayed, who would willingly subject his son to such horrific pain in order to safe a fallen world. He CHOSE this. He was a living, breathing, sacrifice by choice because of his overwhelming love for the people he created.


Just… wow.

I pray you all can remember how great a sacrifice was made for YOU, and can celebrate with family the fact that our God did not STAY dead.

Nope. ‘Cause in just a few days…. 🙂 You know the rest of the story! He’s ALIVE!


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  1. Beautiful, Krista! So glad you all are home. Have a wonderful EASTER!!!!

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