I’m going to go against the grain here a little bit.

For most every Christmas since I’ve reached “adult”hood, I’ve heard constant complaints from people about Christmas and how it has become “too commercialized” and that it’s all about stores making money, blah blah blah.

I’d say the complaining starts round about Black Friday, but actually, it’s even earlier sometimes, when people start to grumble about seeing Christmas stuff out in September.

To all those people complaining about such things, which, at times in the past has been ME too, so I’m speaking to myself:

BA-HUMBUG to you.

That’s what I say, with a grin and a wink and a ho-ho-ho.

Anyone squirming in their seat and giving me an evil eye right now?

*grin* Read on and bear with me, pretty please with sugar and candy canes on top?

Lately, I’m beginning to realize that it’s less the “commercialism” that is getting me down, but rather all the disgruntled people complaining about it.

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, that our complaining and frowning at it actually makes things WORSE?

It’s a lot about our own personal perspective.

It’s also a lot about a favorite topic of mine. Well, actually it’s a cross between TWO of my favorite soap box issues.

Entitlement and blame-shifting.

“I’m entitled to be able to go to a store in October and not be slapped in the face with Christmas wreaths and Santa statues. Can’t you at least wait until after Thanksgiving, for goodness sakes???? GRRRR!”

Actually… FYI. You don’t own the store. So, I’m sorry to say, but you aren’t entitled to that. (You are, however, entitled to your opinion. I’ll give ya that one!)

“Man, they take all the Christmas spirit out of this because all they see is bottom-line and profit numbers. If they REALLY cared about Christmas, they’d sell stuff for cost or give it away, not try to gouge us to make some dough.”

Actually… they aren’t doing anything to the Christmas spirit. In fact, we consumers who elbow our ways through stores and shop on Thanksgiving day and argue with a salesman or frown at Christmas displays… maybe WE are the ones who have the problem and are spreading Christmas uncheer. And stores depend on Christmas sales to keep their doors open. They give jobs to millions of people, so they too can put Christmas presents under the tree for their children. We all are trying to provide for our families and benefit our employers as best we can. Heck, I’m trying to sell books for that same reason! (have I mentioned lately what fabulous Christmas gifts they make???? *big cheesy grin*)

This Christmas season, I challenge you to do this:

Instead of complaining, try a “Merry Christmas.” 
Instead of frowning, try to think some happy thoughts… maybe about the REAL reason for Christmas… and give someone some smiles instead.

When Christmas gets overwhelming and makes you want to scream, go to a quiet place, take out your Bible, and read about Jesus birth. Let Jesus change your bahumbug perspective and let love take its place.

Instead of placing the blame on someone else’s shoulder, take responsibility for your own Christmas spirit.

Now, I have some cheer spreading to do! Thinking about decorating my blog for Christmas. Hmmm… can anyone say GRISWALDS????

I really wish I was more web-savvy… but I’ll see what I can do through the week!

Happy Christmas season everyone!!!!! 
JOY to the WORLD!


  1. Yay! I needed this…I started my complaining last night! I get more overwhelmed with all the expectations–Christmas gifts, parties, events–and then I just want to curl up in a corner and stick my fingers in my ears and wait for it all to be over! BUT–I love this season…even the commercial part…everything is so festive and I need to take my personal expectations away and live it day by day.Great post, Krista.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Krista! After a rather dismal/deflating Christmas last year, I'm determined this one is going to be a joyful, Christ-centered, upbeat one, and your post helps! 🙂

    1. Erica, ours was similar last year. It was Annabelle's 1st christmas home and had all these HUGE expectations, but then I was on an editing deadline and her health was tenuous and I was just so incredibly stressed out, I let circumstances steal the joy of christmas from me.

      NOT THIS YEAR!!!

      Not only am I determined to keep a good perspective, I've also prayed a lot over this season and begged God to "protect" this season for us this year. Trusting God with it all!

  3. Great perspective! I agree.

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