(aka… writer’s block denial)

1.) Facebook/Blogging/Twitter/IM are all very important social networking tools. Never mind that I spend seven and a half hours a day using them…

2.) Reality TV=research (those of you who read my facebook status on Monday night… be quiet!)

3.) I have to go to the mall to… people watch! YES! I can get ideas for my books while I shop at Macy’s. Seriously, I can!

4.) I have a headache… er… wait, that’s a different top ten excuse list!

5.) The word I need just won’t come to me…. Let me run a nice bubble bath and soak while I contemplate it.

6.) E-mail! I have E-MAIL!! MUST…. CHECK….

7.) I’ve been ignoring my kids lately. I should make them food. Maybe some chocolate chip cookies, brownies, pie, scones…. What? Oh, I ate all the cookies??? Um, no I didn’t. It was…. your dad. Really. I swear.

8.) Carpel Tunnel. But it’s this weird selective type of the disease because I can still type on my blog and my facebook status. I know, strange, huh!

9.) I just killed off a character. I need to observe the proper mourning period before I begin again.

10.) My dog ate my manuscript????



  1. LOL!
    You’re so funny. Yes, I use all of these excuses. *snicker*

  2. You are hilarious!!
    I didn’t see anything on your list about needing to go exercise…oh wait, that would NEVER be one of my excuses!

  3. I think I’ve used “the dog ate my COMPUTER” once. LOL!

  4. This is GREAT! Love Number 4 😀

    Too funny Sherrinda….I mean who would ever use exercise as an excuse…IDK I might just start writing again to avoid exercising!!! LOL

    Love this post!!!

  5. These are hilarious excuses. The truly bad part is how many of them hit just a little too close to the mark. Nice job though.

  6. You are cracking me up in these posts!
    ~ Wendy

  7. Thanks for the laugh this morning!Mine top excuse is “I need a nap!”

  8. I think this is the fastest I’ve ever had so many comments on my blog. Maybe because we are all procrastinating this morning from our writing??? *wink* *wink*

    Jessica, I use more than I’d like to admit to myself!

    Sherrinda, OH MY GOSH! YOU ARE RIGHT, I SO forgot! The WII!!!! That’s exercize and a GREAT excuse!!!

    Jennifer, I so blame EVERYTHING on my dog. *grin*

    Marybeth: I almost left #4 out, lol, but couldn’t help myself!

    Eric: They hit close to home for me too! But the first step in improving ones-self is recognizing our faults, right?

    Wendy: So glad I could give you a morning giggle:-)

    Jody: Ohhhhh, a nap! That sounds SOOOO good right now!!!!

  9. Hi Krista,
    I’ve seen your face commenting on other blogs and just wanted to stop by and say hi!

    Loved your list…my top excuses happen to be Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. And let’s not forget blogging. 😉

    Oh, the perils of social media!

  10. Loved this, Krista. I use many of those all the time 🙂

  11. Okay, maaaybe, if it was Wii Fit, then I miiigght be tempted to use it as an excues. Maybe. The nap thing sounds so much better!

  12. Love, love, love number 9. These are too funny.

  13. Julie, THANKS for stopping by! Your face looks blogging familiar too! I am so with you on social media, and it doesn’t help that we can seriously say, “But… I’m NETWORKING!”

    Sandi, you and I both, girl!

    Sherrinda… ohhh, love the wii fit… but I’m thinking wii tennis, wii bowling, wii mario carts…. you have to move some right??? Moving = exercize. Heck, if we go that route, I’m moving my fingers right now… WOOHOO! Burn those calories!!!

    Erica, yes, #9 is a goodie. I only dabble with suspense and my husband STILL thinks I have too many dead people in my books. Mourning them seems appropriate!

    Carol, GLAD you enjoyed it!!!

  14. LOL! I became a pro and could beat everyone playing Wii Tennis while laying on the couch. What a wrist flicker I am! lol…We should meet sometime and lay on the floor and have a wrist action competition! 🙂

  15. LOL Sherrinda… You are SO on. Although WII Fit Soccer is my claim to fame. I got mad at my husband for cheating though, he couldn’t do it worth a flip so he used his hands instead of his feet so he could tie my perfect score. Blah on him!

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