This week is NOT going quite as I’d envisioned it.

My oldest daughter has had a cold all week, as has Annabelle. Both are managing their snot well though, thank goodness!

Then this morning my oldest-middle daughter woke up puking.

And not sure if it’s just “please-God-don’t-let-me-get-it” pain, but my stomach is rolling a bit this morning too.

I really really hate stomach bugs. A lot. Especially since Annabelle landed in the hospital for 4 days around this time last year with one, and then another 3 days a few months ago.

Praying that she DOES NOT GET THIS, although I fully acknowledge with her weakened immune system, it’d literally be a miracle. But I know this Big Guy named Jesus who is the business of miracles.

Also having to cancel Annabelle’s 3 therapy appointments today too, which super stinks.

Funny. As I woke up this morning, I was praying that God would help me get a handle on everything. Between book release and the kids getting settled in school/homework and softball and Annabelle, Mommy has been going a bit crazy and dropping “balls” left and right.

Not 100% sure how a stomach bug helps all this but it is keeping me home today (I wouldn’t get home until 3 today with therapy… and Lacy would of had Softball at 6) , so maybe this is God’s sense of humor in answering my prayer!

Or he’s saying, “Careful what you wish for….”

But in the end….

Puke happens. It’s part of life. And trusting God to give us strength, even in this yuckiness.

Interesting: Heart Momma friend Amy shared this blog today about preventing stomach bugs. I’m not a grape juice fan, but I might be able to down some…

Not sure giving Annabelle grape juice is a smart idea with her sensitive stomach, but it’s tempting!

Discussion: Have you heard of the grape juice thing? Do you have any other stomach-bug home remedies to share??



  1. No, I had never heard of that! I'm buying grape juice TODAY!!!

    I *hate* throwing up. I mean, when you've done it for 27 months of your life (3 pregnancies for 9 months each), you get a little… gun shy… to say the least. (At least I'm past the point of having to buy a pregnancy test EVERY time I get a little nauseated. LOL!)

    Other stomach bug remedies… Well, I know every anti-nausea remedy there is once you're already throwing up, but preventing it? Not a clue.

  2. I think you should try a tablespoon of the heavy syrup in canned peaches or pears every 15 minutes and see if that settles things down. It is quite like the OTC medicine "Emetrol" (a sugar water that costs 7 dollars or so). It works on the smooth muscle of the stomach, I believe.

    Carolyn (In Las Vegas)

  3. So sorry you're all yucky today. 🙁

    That Big Guy is sad about it too.

    Praying blessings over you and little Annabelle!

  4. I'm not much help on the remedy part, but sometimes grapefruit juice can interact with meds … you'll probably be ok, but just be cautious!

    I'm praying that your girls start to feel better and that no one else gets sick!


    1. Meg, I was thinking the same thing about the gj and Annabelle. I didn't think that was one of the ones the doc said she can't have (she can't have sundrop or grapefruit juice or anything with grapefruit juice in it or some other things) but it makes sense that if helps things not absorb into the system, it might prevent some meds from absorbing as well. So yes, for now, no grape juice for Annabelle!!

  5. Hey!! I have never heard of this, but don't see why it would hurt anyone (except maybe Annabelle). I have never heard of grape juice being a contraindication to any meds, but who knows. As far as grapefruit juice is concerned, 2 totally different fruits! 🙂

  6. I am confused on the juice thing. Grape or GRapefruit?

  7. Hmmmm…I've never heard of this. With hubby's immune disorder he takes BIG doses of vitamin C and I will say this…often everyone in the house will get sick but him. He takes 4x the RDA at the doctor's advice, but don't think this amount would be a good idea for all.

    Also, I do believe the evidence about refined sugar and illnesses…just don't want to listen to it and give up my chocolate 🙂

    Hope everyone gets better soon and it stays far, far from Miss Annabelle.

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