If you’re reading this… shame on you!


Just kidding.

I was sitting there trying to plan my blog for today and the next two weeks… when this thought occurred to me.

The next two weeks will be busy for most all of us. It’s when we should be spending our TIME with the ones we love. I shouldn’t be reading blogs, and ya know? I probably shouldn’t be taking the time to write them either. In the grand scheme of things, they can wait.

So I’m going to take the next two weeks “off” of blogging… put it out of my mind completely!

I’ll still be on Facebook… you can connect with me on my author page at www.facebook.com/authorkristaphillips and I’ll post some fun Christmas pictures there!

Although, we probably shouldn’t be spending time on Facebook either. But if you’re anything like me, you probably will anyway, so saying I’m going to take a break from it would just be setting myself up for failure. LOL

So my encouragement to you today is this:

Go spend time with your family. 
LAUGH instead of fret. 
LOVE instead of hate. 
BE PRESENT instead of busy. 

I’ll be back the first Tuesday of January, I hope you’ll be back too!

(and just in case… you can always subscribe to the blog using the widget at the sidebar… that way you’ll get an email of my blog each time I post!)

Now… go forth and have JOY!


(Oh, and a final reminder! “A Side of Faith” is on sale for only $1 through NEW YEAR’S EVE!!!! If you haven’t checked it out, now would be fantastic time! It’s also available, a long with my first book, in paperback! Makes GREAT Christmas presents!!! They are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ibooks!)