…you begin to know the names the other *regulars* in your town.

…your mother announces she’s having a garage sale on your birthday and invites everyone over for the celebration–at the garage sale

…you give up your Saturday morning sleep-in because there’s a sale starting at 6 a.m. that you can’t miss

…your Friday nights are spent mapping out your Saturday morning plan of attack.

…your kids point out houses where their favorite outfits came from

…you see the dude in the truck that always beats you to the good deals and you floor it to try and race him to the next house

…you perspire at a department store when you have to buy something that’s more than a dollar.

…you come home with five baskets, three candle holders, and two picture frames that you don’t need.

…you tell everyone who walks in your house how much you got each piece of furniture for, and recall the wonderful moment you found them in someone’s driveway.



  1. lol! that is so funny, cute and true!

  2. It’s getting to be that time of year again, isn’t it! Our church has an enormous rummage sale every spring at the end of April. Last year they made over $30,000 in proceeds for summer mission trips. So fortunately for me, because this rummage sale is so large, I can get the bug out of my system all in one shop!

  3. Oh, Judy, one big ole garage sale could never get my bug out.

    And as funny as all that is, the sad part is that most, if not parts of all, were very very true in my life.

    Especially about trying to beat the dude in the truck who steels all the good deals. Seriously? The mans a scavanger! I’ve even skipped a sale that he was at JUST so I could get to the next one before him.

    It’s just plain sad. I know.

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