My title looks like a cross between wrestling and an annual Christian CD. Hmm.

My niece and I had an interesting conversation today. She was telling me about a boy she likes at school (she’s 11) and we were talking about the pro’s and con’s of having a boyfriend. I, the wonderful aunt that I am, reminded that above all, it’s what Jesus wants us to do that matters.

Then she shocked me. She tells me about how she’s been reading in her Bible lately in Job, and how she’s trying to memorize verses, then quotes John 3:16. Yes, I know that is the universally known verse, but wow, I was amazed by her. Here I am, struggling everyday to MAKE myself read my Bible and here’s this 11 year old soaking it up and eagerly reading it.

So, instead of sharing some wonderful words of wisdom out of the Bible today, I’m going to flip sides and ask YOU to share what wonderful words of wisdom YOU’VE been reading lately that God has used to speak to you. If you’ve been lax in your Bible reading, well, I think now is a great time to get started!



  1. Ohhhh. Living in the light. It’s in Ephesians, fifth chapter. I’m all about Light winning over Darkness (It’s kinda my theme in my writing, too). I love the fact that nothing can hide from God, he’s all powerful. It’s scary and awesome all at the same time.

  2. I’m in Deuteronomy right now… Struggling to come up with anything profound.

    But in my small group Bible Study we’re in 1 Cor., and last night we were talking about lawsuits against fellow believers.

    One of the things that kinda came out was that if someone owes you something and doesn’t pay you back, it’s better to cut your losses than start a fight.


    My pastor shared that he sold a friend a Jet Ski. The friend was supposed to pay him in $300 installments- I don’t know how many exactly, several, anyway.

    Well, the “friend” paid him the first payment, took the pink slip, and changed his phone number.

    It would have been easy to track him down and take him to court, but instead my pastor chose to let it go.

    I can’t honestly say I would be willing to do the same thing…


  3. Strangely enough, I can’t read my Bible for devotions, it doesn’t count because my brain will switch into novel-writing mode (ooo,I’ll write that scene like this…)

    So, I have to come up with a Bible study type thing, so I’m not reading passages straight through. Right now I’m reading Approval Addiction by Joyce Meyer — she quotes scripture alot but applies them to personal life, which helps me keep my mind on the scripture rather than on a scene.

  4. In my Bible Study – we’ve just finished Job – I love the last three chapters because it give a very clear image of just how powerful God is.

    Which is a great reminder in these horrible times.

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